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Julie Goodwin charged for drink driving

Julie is distraught over her drink driving shame.

Julie Goodwin won over viewers with her wholesome persona in 2009.
But the MasterChef winner is now at boiling point.
The 47-year-old faces court on May 25 after allegedly drink-driving at North Gosford, NSW, at 8pm on April 12.
Julie, pictured with runner up Poh Ling Yeow, is the cooking show's first winner.
Her claimed blood alcohol reading, 0.107, is more than twice the legal limit.
On Facebook, Julie expressed her "great shame and regret", saying the incident was "completely 
out of character" and happened after "a celebratory function I had catered."
Sharing the message on April 13, she penned, "It is with great shame and regret that I write these words."
"Last night while driving home from a celebratory function I had catered, I was stopped by Police and subjected to a random breath test which I failed. I have subsequently been charged with mid-range drink driving."
"Needless to say I accept full responsibility for this error in judgment, which I believe is completely out of character for me."
The mum continued, "I want to take the opportunity to offer a heartfelt and unreserved apology to my family, my colleagues, and to the broader community. I would also like to apologise to everyone that has supported me over many years, I have let you all down. "
Adding, "I am devastated that I have acted in a way so contrary to what I believe, to how I usually conduct myself, and to what I have taught my children."
Julie is saddened by her actions.
The beloved TV icon signed off sincerely, musing, "Many lessons will flow from this, and I will learn from each of them."
It's also alleged she tried to evade the police with a U-turn.
Friends say she may be under pressure from a crowded schedule.

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