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Julie Bishop stuns at Karl Stefanovic's lush Mexico wedding

The former Foreign Minister looked absolutely incredible.

By Rebecca Sullivan
Julie Bishop and Karl Stefanovic have had many fiery on-air moments together, but the pair put aside their political differences to celebrate Stefanovic's marriage to shoe designer Jasmine Yarbrough in Mexico on the weekend.
Ms Bishop, 62, was one of the most high profile guests in attendance at Stefanovic's nuptials at the One & Only Palmilla Resort in San José Del Cabo, along with her partner David Panton, 57, a property developer. Villas at the luxurious resort reportedly cost between $12,000 and $15,000 a night.
Ms Bishop wore a stunning silver asymmetric gown and tossed off her shoes following the beachside ceremony, walking barefoot along the beach among other guest in their black tie outfits.
Ms Bishop tossed off her shoes following the ceremony. (Image: Instagram/abedwani)
Jasmine Yarbrough and Karl Stefanovic at the One & Only Palmilla hote in Mexico. (Image: Supplied)
It's believed Ms Bishop and Mr Panton flew economy to Mexico, The Daily Telegraph reports.
The pair were spotted at Sydney airport carrying their wedding outfits in garment bags.
When asked by reporters if she was looking forward to the wedding, Ms Bishop replied, "Very much."
*WATCH Karl Stefanovic and Jasmine Yarbrough's intimate wedding video below
Just hours after landing in Mexico, the couple were photographed walking barefoot along the beach of the resort.
The former deputy PM wore a white sleeveless dress and carried her shoes in her hand, while a shirtless Mr Panton enjoyed a dip in the ocean.
Julie Bishop and David Panlan were guests at Karl and Jasmine's wedding. (Image: Getty)
Ms Bishop and Stefanovic have clashed several times on the Today Show, when the former Foreign Minister appeared on the program to discuss both Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott.
In August, just days before Malcolm Turnbull was ousted as Prime Minister, Ms Bishop was grilled by Stefanovic on her loyalty to the then Liberal leader.
Stefanovic opened his interview with the question: "What is it like talking to a man [Turnbull] on death row?"
But Ms Bishop immediately returned fire, referencing the Today host's damaged image following his high profile divorce and the show's subsequent ratings dip. "Well, I'm talking to you Karl," she said. "What are you suggesting?"
Julie Bishop and David Panlan at Derby Day in Melbourne. (Image: Getty)
Earlier this year the pair also went head-to-head on Today, with Stefanovic asking Ms Bishop she held any animosity towards former Prime Minister Tony Abbott.
"Is Tony Abbott done peddling and meddling?" Stefanovic asked.
"I believe Tony is getting on with the job of being a backbencher," the then Foreign Minister replied.
"He is a former leader, he has opinions, but the majority of the party room back Malcolm Turnbull and they want the team to get on with delivering strong economic management and a strong plan for national security to keep Australians safe," she said.
Julie Bishop at Myer's Sping/Summer runway show. (Image: Getty)
Stefanovic then suggested Ms Bishop was saying the word 'backbencher' with "real venom".
"Not at all," Ms Bishop fired back. "I just said backbencher. That's how you say it... I'm trying to work out how to say it differently."
But now Ms Bishop and Stefanovic appear to have put their on-air battles behind them, all in the name of love.

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