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Julia Roberts and Richard Gere recreate iconic Pretty Woman scenes

Julia Roberts and Richard Gere reunited to mark a milestone 25 years since the film was first released and together they recreated some of the more iconic moments from the movie.

Julia Roberts and Richard Gere reunite to mark a milestone 25 years since the film was first released and together they recreated some of the more iconic moments from the movie.
Julia, 47, was every bit as fabulous in the role of Vivian. Richard, meanwhile struggled to remember some of their more iconic moments!
When the US TV presenter Matt Lauer asked them to recreate the “makeover scene” for the Today Show’s reunion special that saw the whole cast get back together, Richard, 65, could not remember his lines!
Matt asked Richard to recreate the moment “where your character goes to pick Vivian up at the hotel for dinner, and she's waiting for you in the lounge?"
"You're late," Julia recalled her line with ease.
"I don't remember this scene at all," Richard replied, shaking his head. "What do you want me to say? I don't remember!"
Edward’s classic response in the movie is of course, "You're stunning," to which Vivian replies, "You're forgiven!"
We’re not sure we’ll be as forgiving as Vivian for this fluff-up though!
Despite the fact that Pretty Woman is one of the most iconic rom-coms of all time, it’s no secret that Richard is not a huge fan.
Julia Roberts and Richard Gere starring in Pretty Woman in 1990
In an exclusive interview with Woman’s Day in 2012 he revealed that he thought it was “rubbish”!
“It’s my least favourite thing,” Richard told us at the time.
He added: “People ask me about that movie, but I’ve forgotten it. That was a silly romantic comedy.”
Richard had trouble remembering other details, too, like what was in the jewellery box he snapped on Roberts' fingers in another iconic movie moment. "Was it a ring in there?" he asked his co-star.
"It was a necklace," she said, adding: "I swear he was there!"
Richard famously initially declined a role in the blockbuster film, and when asked to reveal why on the show, he responded
"Well, there wasn't a part. There was just nothing. The joke was [it was just] a suit. You could put a suit on a goat and put it out there, and it would work."
The Pretty Woman cast reunites after 25 years on the US Today show.
In the end, Richard revealed that it was a post-it note from Julia that would eventually save the day and change his mind. As he was in talks over the phone with director Garry Marshall, Julia who was wit him at the time passed over a note.
Richard explained: "She turns it around and she pushed it to me, and it said, 'Please say yes!'"
Well we guess it’s a good thing he did, or that amazing rom-com fairytale would not have become the movie icon that it is today!
Watch the video above and see the stars laugh along as they recreate their iconic moments.

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