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Julia Morris: My amazing house-husband

Julia Morris and her husband Dan Thomas. Photography by Michelle Holden. Styling by Nell Simpson.
Those who argue women can't have it all should take a look at Julia Morris. She is a touring comedian, stars in a new television drama, and has two adorable young daughters.
The secret to her success? Dan Thomas, her house-husband.
He gave up a career in advertising to stay at home with their girls while Julia pursues her career dreams.
"I'm the dad," she tells The Weekly, laughing. "It's fantastic. I get to live this insane double life."
Dan loves it too. "There are a few dads who drop off [at school] every day and I think we all agree this is awesome."
A report last year found in 84 percent of families in which there was a working and stay-at-home parent, the father was the breadwinner. The mother was the money-earner in only seven percent of cases.
When researcher Deborah Wilmore from the University of Western Sydney said studied 65 stay-at-home dads, she found that the most stinging critics of their decision were their own fathers.
She found stay-at-home dads had strong relationships with their partners and accepted housework was their job, although they sometimes missed the camaraderie of their workplace.
We'll be hearing more about house husbands; Julia Morris stars in a Nine Network drama of the same name, premiere later this year.
Read more of this story in the July issue of The Australian Women's Weekly.

Your say: Would you like a house husband? Do you think younger men are changing their attitude towards staying home with the kids?

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