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Jules Sebastian’s admirable new project

Speaking exclusively to Woman’s Day, the stylist opened up about motherhood, winter fashion and the special project close to her heart.

By Katie Skelly
Chatting candidly with Jules Sebastian, it’s easy to see that the Vicinity Centres stylist, socialite and mother-of-two dons many hats – both literally and metaphorically.
The fashionista recently spoke with Woman’s Day about her ever-changing lifestyle, from mothering her sweet sons, to taking care of mothers in need.
“We’ve shifted our focus this year to concentrate on women’s shelters in Sydney,” the blonde beauty began before describing more about the incredible work of The Sebastian Foundation.
“For me, women are my passion. Being a woman myself and particularly being a mother, I now know how hard it can be even when you have the resources to feed and home your children, but to be a mother and a woman without that chance or opportunity? I can’t even imagine it.”
Cheeky Hudson is the spitting image of his dad!
And it seems that Jules and her amazing team have already made a huge difference by providing the women and their little ones with all the necessities to get back on their feet.
“We were able to collect and gather all the excess stock that would usually go unused from PR agencies," she tells us.
“From kids and women’s clothes, shoes, work-wear and beauty products, we’ve been able to pass on all those things to really make a huge difference, and it’s the best feeling in the whole world."
“Women are the backbone of their home, so if you can take care of the women, they can take their of their families. And we’re all about family.”
From taking care of mums, to being one herself, the Vicinity Centres ambassador knows that family is the most important thing.
As her sweet sons Hudson, four, and Archie, two, watch High School Musical in the background while we spoke, she divulged whether or not they would soon be getting a little brother or sister…
“Ah… the million dollar question! No plans at this point,” She said with a laugh. As it happens, the Sydney local and her handsome beau are happy with their little handful.
“I’m finally sleeping through the night again and no one has a dummy anymore, so I think it’s a good contribution to the world to keep it as one each,” she said before admitting that her eldest, who she fondly refers to as "Huddy", is the mini-version of his singing daddy.
“I think we’ve had one of each. Hudson is Guy and Archie is me – not just in looks but in personality as well. Hudson is the life of the party, just full of energy and Archie is a bit more chilled out and shy.”
A happy snap from the family's trip to the Maldives.
And as winter finally rolls around, the blogger also kindly let us in on her top fashion necessities for the season.
Instead of rebuilding our closets from the very start, Jules suggests that we all simply add to what we already have by “injecting” these four staples.
“A good, heavy wool coat in a neutral colour is key, and a pair of ankle boots go with everything from jeans and skirts to dresses," she shares.
“A few good knits for layering – I think you can never have enough, and perhaps a lush scarf or a fashion forward fedora.”
If you'd like to donate to families in need this winter, click here and visit The Sebastian Foundation.
Jules Sebastian has partnered with Vicinity Centres to create easy style updates for your winter wardrobe. Discover the latest fashion, beauty and homewares styles at your local Vicinity Centre. Find your nearest centre at www.vicinty.com.au.

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