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Out of control? How MAFS' Jules Robinson's upcoming wedding is turning her into a bridezilla

The MAFS stars' inner circle are comparing their wedding dramas to the Sussexes!

Every girl dreams of having the wedding of a lifetime, but friends of Cameron Merchant and Jules Robinson say the pressure of planning the perfect day has turned reality TV bride Jules into the "ultimate bridezilla" – and those closest to her have had enough!
With Jules and Cam – who first tied the knot on Nine's Married At First Sight just over a year ago – rumoured to be getting hitched in real life later this month, our source says Jules has become overwhelmed by the planning.
"The whole thing has turned into a complete circus, it's ridiculous," one guest dishes.
"Not even Meghan Markle and Prince Harry would have this many rules for their wedding!"
Jules, 37, is said to have become "obsessed" with ensuring their lucrative deal with Nine, which has secured the right to broadcast their nuptials in a two-part special, is protected, and is going to "extreme measures" to do so.
"Everyone who is invited has been made to sign non-disclosure agreements to ensure they can't talk about the wedding," a source reveals.
"But after signing it, guests have still been kept in the dark about the details – only the date was provided, that's about it.
"The location won't be revealed until hours before."
Jules and Cam's wedding is a highly anticipated event. (Instagram / @julesrobinson82)
Ensuring their guests come appropriately dressed, one detail Cam, 35, and Jules have shared is that it's a "black tie dress code" and it will be a "social media-free party."
This means phones will be confiscated on arrival and will not be returned until the end of the night.
The pair stole the hearts of Australia after their fairy tale MAFS romance. (Instagram / @julesrobinson82)

Total control

"It's strictly no taking photos or posting before, during or after the event – they want complete control over everything," a source explains.
"There will also be CCTV footage at the venue, so they can catch anyone who doesn't abide by the request."
According to the source, the couple have only invited a select number of people to the actual ceremony so there's less chance of there being a "leak".
"The rest of the guests are invited to join them afterwards for 'dessert, drinks and dancing' at the official 'afterparty', which will have a strict wristband-only entry," the insider explains.
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To make sure she looks perfect on the big day, Jules is said to have approached Sydney's top hair and makeup artists, and her dress is also being created for her by high-end bridal designer Nicky Velani – all for free in return for publicity.
"She only wants the very best," another source admits.
"She wants it to be nothing short of perfect so like any bride she's pulling out all the stops."
Jules will no doubt want to pull out all the stops for her nuptials. (Instagram / @julesrobinson82)
In another telling sign the wedding is becoming more about their lucrative deal, Jules has handed over most organisational duties to her management company.
"It's become a business transaction as well as a wedding now, so her management need to ensure the event meets the requirements of their contract with Nine and capitalise in every way possible," a source dishes.
"A wedding is supposed to be centred around love and each other and it just feels like they've lost their way."


And despite their fellow MAFS cast members being there from day one of their love story, Woman's Day can reveal only Heidi Latcham, Nic Jovanovic and Cyrell Paule have been lucky enough to score invites to the coveted event.
However, a number of Jules' "new friends" from the fashion circles she's been mingling in since signing with manager Benji Hart are said to be on the guest list.
"She wants to distance herself from MAFS and become more of a fashion figure, so she's inviting more people from those circles, despite not knowing them for very long," a source reveals.


It seems Jules' bridezilla ways are taking a toll on her soon-to-be husband Cam, who is said to be having "second thoughts" about their wedding.
"He hasn't been himself lately," a source dishes.
"He's definitely getting cold feet, but he also feels like he can't back out now because so many eyes are on them and it would be detrimental."
According to the source, a huge part of Cam's reservations is the fact Jules dominates their relationship and he's been forced to take a back seat.
"Cam has wanted a career in media for a long time, but now he feels that it's just Jules who is reaping the benefits of their relationship," the source explains.
"She is the one getting all the deals and endorsements, while he gets nothing. His social media venture 'Cam Cam' flopped, while Jules' career ventures continue to go from strength to strength."
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