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Nickelodeon's JoJo Siwa dishes on her visit to Australia, finding inspiration and her famous JoJo's Bows

'Be yourself, and never be afraid to show who you are!'

By Harper and Mabel
If you didn't know that JoJo Siwa was in Australia in July, we have to wonder, have you been paying any attention?
The Nickelodeon singer, dancer and social media superstar hit the land down under earlier this month, performing three shows to thousands of screaming fans. She even took the time to attend the 2018 TV WEEK Logie Awards.
JoJo Siwa attends the 2018 TV WEEK Logie Awards.
JoJo, who first hit TV screens as part of Abby Lee Miller's Dance Moms series, has become a worldwide sensation with her own songs, roles on Nickelodeon and millions of social media followers. She's also known for her business empire, selling her signature JoJo's Bows around the globe.
While JoJo was in Sydney, we sent our two special TV WEEK reporters, Harper and Mabel, to ask her all of their biggest questions.
TV WEEK reporters Mabel, front left, and Harper, middle, with JoJo Siwa.
Mabel: What was it like filming Dance Moms?
JoJo Siwa: Dance Moms was super duper fun! I loved getting to work with the girls and Abby Lee Miller. It was the best time ever.
Harper: Have you had a chance to catch any Australian TV Shows?
JS: I haven't but I want to though, I've heard there are some really good ones here!
M: What's your favourite TV show?
JS: I love Lip Sync Battle Shorties! That's the TV show I'm on. I love old Nickelodeon shows like iCarly and Drake and Josh, those are all really fun.
H: Are you binge-watching anything at the moment?
JS: I'm always binge-watching Grey's Anatomy. I LOVE Grey's Anatomy!
M: We love your new song High Top Shoes, what was the best part about making the music video?
JS: I would have to say getting to work with my friends on it. Miranda Sings was in it. Kyler and Madison and their twins Taytum and Oakley, they were on set all day. Then of course Halle and Ej, those are like two of my best friends. Getting to be on set with all of my friends both days was super duper fun.

H: All of your songs send positive messages to young people, who would you say is the most positive and inspiring person in your life?
JS: Ohhh, I would probably have to go with my Mum.
M: Where do you get all the inspiration for your songs?
JS: The answer is that it's all different. With Boomerang, I wanted to write something that was anti-bullying. So, you come back from bullies, what else comes back, a boomerang! With High Top Shoes I wanted to write a song about something I love, something that's simple and an everyday thing that I do - but not a bow - so I was like a high top shoe! Kid in a Candy Store I just wanted to write something about candy!
H: With 7 million followers on Instagram you have the power to influence young people all over the world, what is one important message you'd like to send to them?
JS: You know, I would like to tell them to be themselves and to never be afraid to show who they are. You've got to be yourself... because that's who you are. It just makes sense! Be yourself, be happy, be confident, be strong and just have fun.

M: How many JoJo's Bows did you bring to Australia?
JS: I didn't bring that many to Australia, I only brought like 30! Out of my 3000 collection, that's not that many.
H: How did it feel when 16,000 fans came to see you in Melbourne?
JS: That was crazy! I only could see 4,000 of them, those were the ones inside, but then outside there was about 10 - 13,000 kids and that's just crazy! I had no idea that all of them were out there, it was so amazing! It was unbelievable.
H: Have you thought about designing a bow for your Aussie fans?
JS: That would be really fun! Like a bow with a kangaroo, some Vegemite, maybe a koala? You could put like brown swirls across the ribbon as the Vegemite.
M: What is your dog BowBow doing while you're in Australia?
JS: She's with her doggie sitter! I miss little BowBow. Whenever I miss her I go through pictures and I can't wait to see her in about four days.
H: You went to your first Logie Awards on Sunday, how do you cope with all of that crazy media attention?
JS: It was actually really, really cool. I was expecting it to be a little bit calmer, but it was unbelievable! It was so cool, and so big, it was awesome!
Fans can watch additional JoJo Siwa content including JoJo Siwa: My World on the free-to-download Nick Play App in July.

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