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Is Johnny Depp seriously sick?

Friends and fans are worried about the gaunt Pirates of the Caribbean star.

By Zoe Burrell
While he hasn’t always been the picture of health thanks to his love of booze, friends are worried that Johnny Depp is on the brink of serious illness after losing a crazy amount of weight in the past few months.
In fact, a shock new report claims he could be in danger of liver failure! Uh-oh…
“Johnny looks like walking death,” an insider tells Radar Online.
“He lost [15 kilograms] in a brief amount of time… His teeth are rotting, his cheeks are sunken, his hair is thinning and falling out and his body is emaciated.”
As worrying as the claims are, they don’t come as that much of a surprise given Johnny, 53, admits his never really prioritised his health.
Johnny Depp in the 2001 film From Hell.
“I spent years poisoning myself [with alcohol and medication],” he told Rolling Stone in 2005.
“I was very, very good at it. But finally I was faced with a critical decision: Do I want to continue to be a dumb-a– or do I want to not be a dumb-a–? It was best to stop. Now I look back and say, ‘Why? Why did I do that?’”
Now, some are worried that the actor might have been pushed back into his bad hard-partying habits following his messy divorce from wife of nearly two years Amber Heard, 31, last year - who’s since moved on with billionaire businessman Elon Musk, 45.
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in The Rum Diaries.
"Elon and Amber are already very serious about each other,” a source tells People magazine.
“She spends a lot of time at his house and is very comfortable there. Amber's also gotten to know his kids and spends time with them as well.”
And although it would appear Johnny’s taking news of Amber’s new romance hard, his rep insists that he is healthy as a horse and is simply losing weight for his latest flick.
We sure hope so!

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