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Johnny Depp changes tattoos as a dig at ex Amber Heard

The new design is obviously an indication of how he feels about his former flame.

By Elizabeth Best
Johnny Depp has taken a very public swing at his ex Amber Heard through two major changes to his tattoos.
The first was an alteration of the tattoo that sat on his right knuckles.
See the video evidence of Johnny’s tattoo dissing Amber! Post continues.
Previously the ink on his hand read “SLIM”, his estranged wife’s nickname.
But with a little bit added here and there, the tattoo now reads “SCUM”, a clear indication of what he thinks of his former lover.
But the Hollywood Vampires musician didn’t stop there.
During his marriage to the 30-year-old model, the 53-year-old actor had a photo of her inked on his upper arm in a provocative pinup pose.
BEFORE: You can just see the legs of what used to be an Amber pinup tattoo sticking out of Johnny's shirt.
AFTER: The tattoo now, as displayed in his first interview post split.
But during a social media photo session for his first interview post split, it was clear that he wasn’t happy keeping that tatt either.
The actor sported a crude black ink patch over the spot where his leggy blonde partner used to me.
Johnny is eager to move on from Amber.
Clearly, Johnny just wanted every last reminder of the woman who accused him of domestic violence scrubbed as soon as possible, without really thinking about an adequate design to cover it.
The Pirates of the Caribbean actor is no stranger to tattoo alterations.
He famously changed a tattoo that read “Winona forever,” inked in honour of his ex-fiancée Winona Ryder, to read “Wino forever”.

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