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John Mayer drops a major bombshell about Katy Perry!

He still thinks her body is a wonderland...

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John Mayer, Katy Perry

John Mayer is missing his ex Katy Perry big time!

Hollywood's resident bachelor admitted he can't stop thinking about Orlando's ex...

Katy even inspired his new track Still Feel Like Your Man.

“Who else would I be thinking about?" he confessed to The New York Times about the famous muse behind the lyrics.

They may have officially called is a day back in 2015 after three years of on-off dating, but John still has Miss Perry on his mind.

"And by the way, it's a testament to the fact that I have not dated a lot of people in the last five, six years. That was my only relationship. So it's like, give me this, people."

Katy and John in happier times.
Katy and John in happier times.

If the lyrics are anything to go by it sounds like John wants her back, stat!

"Still like the letters in your name and how they feel, babe," he sings.

"Still think I'm never gonna find another you / Still like to leave the party early and go home, babe / And don't you know, babe / I'd rather sit here on my own and be alone, babe."

Well if the crooner wants to get back together with Katy he might want to shed that bad-boy rep quick smart.

Apparently John's already on the right track, admitting he is ready to settle down.

“I want the baby with the protective earphones (by the side of the stage),” he remarked.

We're guessing this is music to Katy's ears, with the Chained to the Rhythym songstress openly gushing about her dream of becoming a mum.

“I want to be a mother,” Katy, who's already an aunt, previously admitted.

And with pals saying one of the main reasons she and Orlando Bloom split was because he didn’t want another kid, could this be the universe’s way of telling Katy and John to get back together for a bub?

Watch this space!

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