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Katy Perry bumps into John Mayer while on a date with Orlando Bloom

Talk about an awkward ex moment…

By Elizabeth Best
When you’re out on a romantic date with your boyfriend, the last thing you want is to see your ex.
But that’s exactly what happened to poor Katy Perry when she was on a romantic date with boyfriend Orlando Bloom.
The loved-up couple were enjoying an intimate meal at a ritzy restaurant in West Hollywood recently when who should show up to crash the party but Katy’s ex, John Mayer.
Katy and Orlando have had many dinner dates lately... but none crashed by an ex!
Onlookers say that rather than try to ignore John's presence, 31-year-old Katy decided to tackle the issue head-on.
She exchanged a few words with her rocker ex, while Orlando looked on.
Orlando and Katy tried to secretly leave a date night but they got spotted! Check out the video below. Post continues.
Katy and John made beautiful music together... until they split up.
According to sources that saw the exchange, the pair were civil, and Katy’s 39-year-old actor boyfriend didn’t seem to mind too much.
John and Katy dated just after her marriage to Russell Brand ended.
The pop princess and the rocker had an on-again off-again relationship.
Their relationship was on-again off-again, and the pair wrote and recorded music together during their union.
The Your Body is a Wonderland singer finally broke it off for good with the pop star in July 2015.

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