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EXCLUSIVE: Jodi and Braith Anasta marriage shock - it’s over!

In devastating news, TV darling Jodi Gordon and her football-star hubby, Braith Anasta, have split.

Last year, Jodi and Braith Anasta joyfully posed for Woman’s Day to celebrate their baby girl Aleeia’s first Christmas.
However this year, their festive season is a very different picture. Woman’s Day online can confirm that the 22-month-old’s parents have sadly parted ways.
“They’ve always been different, but you have to remember that they’re also at very different points in their lives,” explains a friend.
Jodi relished the spotlight, while Braith wanted to step back from public life.
We understand that Braith, who retired from rugby league last year to spend more time with his baby girl, would like to stay out of the spotlight, and prefers casual rounds of golf to red carpets.
Meanwhile, former Home and Away star Jodi, 30, wants to try and make it in movies, and needs to maintain her public profile.
It’s been more than a month since the couple attended a social event together. Most tellingly, on October 31, Jodi attended Derby Day in Melbourne with her makeup artist Max May, leaving Braith to attend a mate’s wedding alone.
We’re told a series of explosive arguments and Jodi’s refusal to give up on her Hollywood dream was the final straw.
“There has been trouble for months,” confirms a close friend. “Braith worships Jodi, and all he wants to do is have more kids, but she knows it’s now or never to have a crack at LA.”
This time last year, family life was bliss for the Anastas.
In a telling sign that the couple may not overcome their differences, Jodi was recently seen packing up her belongings and moving out of the Sydney home she shares with Braith.
“She loves Aleeia, but she isn’t ready for more children, and that’s all Braith wants,” says the source. “He wants at least two more kids, and he’s shattered that’s not going to happen.”

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