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MasterChef judge Jock Zonfrillo pays a loving tribute to his family as he shares a slew of never-before-seen photos of his kids

''I've learnt through many mistakes."

By Faye Couros
MasterChef judge Jock Zonfrillo's career may be in its prime but for the 44-year-old, nothing brings him more fulfilment than his family.
But it's taken the TV star a lot of hard work to get to where he is now - and the chef makes sure he prioritises he relationship over his work.
Today, he is in a successful marriage with his wife, Lauren Fried, with the couple sharing two children together, a three-year-old son called Alfie and an eighth-month-old daughter called Isla.
Jock is also the father to two teenage girls, Ava and Sophia, from his first two marriages.
In honour of MasterChef's new episode, which featured the remaining contestant's loved ones, Jock felt it was time to pay tribute to his own brood.
On Thursday, the father-of-four took to Instagram to share a slew of never-before-seen family photos as he admitted his role as husband and father is his most rewarding.
"Papa and husband are my two favourite jobs," Jock explained.
"I've learnt through many mistakes that they are all that matter, everything else is a distraction."
In one snap Jock cradles little Isla - their big and expressive faces are almost identical.
In another photo, Jock's son Alfie licks some cake batter out of a bowl - perhaps a sign he may follow in his father's footsteps.
Jock playing with his daughter Isla. Instagram
Fans in the comment section were delighted to get a glimpse into the chef's family life.
One commenter posted, "They are blessed to have you in their lives Jock❤️You are such a positive force😍."
Another fan wrote, "Absolutely beautiful! What a gorgeous family you have ❤️😍."
Jock eating at a food market with his older daughters. Instagram
Former MasterChef contestant Amina Elshafei showed her love for Jock in the comment section, "Just bliss! 😍," she wrote.
Earlier this year, Jock mused about how grateful he is to spend quality time with Isla, his youngest child.
"For me Sundays are for family, sharing food being present & in the moment. I can't believe Isla is already over 5 months," he said.
He has also been openly gushy about watching his four children grow up, "Alfie just turned 3, Sofia is 15, and my eldest @avazonfrillo turns 20 next month! I feel like the luckiest man alive this morning. What are you doing today?"