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EXCLUSIVE: Jett Kenny strips off in sexy new photoshoot


By Rebecca Sullivan
Jett Kenny is no stranger to a shirtless pic, but this time the professional surf lifesaver and former Dancing With The Stars contestant has stepped back into the spotlight (without a shirt on, of course) as the new face of a famous Aussie beauty brand.
The 25-year-old son of Lisa Curry and Grant Kenny is one of the genetically-blessed stars of ModelCo's new fake tan range, which is currently available in Australian supermarkets and chemists.
Jett stripped off for the sexy new photoshoot, alongside influencers Carissa Walford and Jessica Leahy, as well as models Manahou Mackay, and Madeleine Hunt, showing off his killer abs.
So, how does he maintain that insane body?
"Staying fit and healthy is a huge aspect of my life," Jett told Now To Love, adding that surf lifesaving is his favourite type of exercise.
"When I'm home and in my usual routine, there is training twice a day, or once if I can't get out of bed in the mornings. I will always make time for the gym also for the days when I'm travelling," he said.
"If I'm home for a week, I'll be in the water anywhere from 7-10 times."
As for his diet, Jett says his intense exercise schedule means he can be pretty flexible with what he eats.
"Thankfully, my full-on training regime means I can almost eat whatever I want. But it's all in moderation, I'm aware of when I can and can't eat as much as I'd like," he said.
Jett (second from right) stars in ModelCo's new campaign alongside (L-R) Jessica Leahy, Madeleine Hunt, Carissa Walford and Manahou Mackay. Supplied: ModelCo
Jett and model Madeleine Hunt showing off their gorgeous skin. Supplied: ModelCo
Despite the fact that he practically runs around in his togs for a living, Jett says he still gets nervous when stripping off.
"Of course, I get nervous taking my shirt off, especially when I know I'm not at my peak fitness. End of May is my ideal time to be topless!" he joked.
And if you're wondering if Jett actually uses fake tan, the answer is yes.
"Being a lifesaver, I am constantly in the sun, so I tend to retain a tan all year round. But I've recently had my fair share of fake tans over the last two years, mainly on Dancing With The Stars, when I needed to keep up with the colour tone of everyone else," Jett said.
"Work nowadays means I'm not at the beach lifeguarding or training as much as I'd usually be, so having that option for a quick fix is amazing if I need to look the part for work or something exciting," he said.
Jett showed off his incredible body in the new photoshoot. Supplied: ModelCo
Jett stays fit through his surf lifesaving training. Supplied: ModelCo
Damn, gina. Supplied: ModelCo
He says the stigma around men using beauty products is fading away and men shouldn't be ashamed about using whatever products they need to feel their best.
"It's actually really easy, and times are changing, there's no reason why we can't do it like the ladies out there," Jett said of using fake tan.
"It's just going to be a little weird asking your mate to get those hard to reach spots on your back, but hey, that's just more bonding," he joked.
And as every woman who has ever fake tanned her own body knows, it's important to train the men in your life to apply tan on those tricky-to-reach areas.
Jett says he's been very well trained in that department.
"I have had to help with my female friends' fake tans. There were lots of strict instructions, so I did it right ... lots of pressure," he said.
During his stint on Dancing With The Stars earlier this year, Jett sent viewers' tongues wagging over his red-hot sexual chemistry with dancer partner Lily Cornish.
"Jet's really sexy, that's obvious," Lily said on the show, while Jett revealed: "There are times when we get close in some lifts or some holds or something like that and I'd be lying if I said there wasn't a spark."
The pair had an undeniable connection and were photographed holding hands just a few months ago, despite Lily reportedly still having a boyfriend from before she met Jett.
Jett has repeatedly denied suggestions he and Lily are anything more than good friends, but he told Now To Love they still keep in touch, despite Lily now living on the other wise of the world.
Lily now works as a professional dancer with the travelling dance group Burn the Floor, performing around the world, and Jett recently went and visited Lily in Europe.
"Yes, I went and got to experience what she does for a living. The dancing you see on television is nothing compared to what incredible athletes those dancers are ... seeing her do the thing she loves at full steam was something else," Jett revealed.
The pair try to keep in touch, despite the distance and their busy work schedules.
"We chat when we can. She's very busy over there and and is travelling around the Baltic Sea, so she doesn't always have reception or WIFI," he said.
WATCH BELOW: Lisa Curry and Grant Kenny cheer on Jett on Dancing With The Stars. Story continues after video.
So what's next for Jett?
He's officially signed on with modelling agency IMG and divides his time between surf lifesaving, modelling jobs and media opportunties.
"I'd love to settle down into a concrete job, but if I knew exactly what it was that I wanted to be doing, I'd be doing it. Unfortunately, surf lifesaving isn't exactly a sport you can live off, maybe I should have stuck to soccer," he joked.
"But for now, everything is working wonderfully for me."