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A three-day wedding, political ties and a joint TV career: Inside the lavish marriage of Jessica Mulroney and her husband, Ben

They gave new meaning to the phrase, 'power couple'.

By Jess Pullar
Jessica Mulroney is a woman of many talents - stylist, TV presenter, and not to mention one of Meghan Markle's closest friends.
But perhaps one of the more surprising things to know about the 40-year-old is her husband, Ben Mulroney.
The pair have been married for 12 years after tying the knot in 2008.
While Jessica has since made headlines for herself after paving a career path in the public eye, one that's recently led her into a damning fall from grace after she was called out for racist behaviour, her husband Ben also seems to have quite the colourful background.
The Canadian stylist and royal affiliate was front and centre of the news cycle recently when her white privilege was exposed in a jarring debate she became embroiled in with Instagram influencer Sasha Exeter.
The explosive, enlightening and concerning events that recently unfolded between the two can be unpacked in full here, but it remains to be seen that the supposed best pal of Duchess Meghan remains under a firm gaze from the public - so much so that we've come to wonder about who exactly her husband actually is.
Well, strap yourselves in folks, because as it turns out, he's got quite the story for himself.
Jessica Mulroney and her husband Ben have been quite the power couple in Canada. (Getty)

Who is Jessica Mulroney's husband?

On October 30, 2008, Jessica Mulroney married Ben Mulroney in a lavish, three-day wedding affair.
Son of former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, Ben was already a well known affiliate in Canada's elite circles.
With dad Brian and mum Mila Pivnicki Mulroney, Ben grew up in Ottawa, Ontario with three other siblings.

Who is Ben Mulroney related to?

Ben Mulroney's siblings have made their own names for themselves as the children of the country's PM.
Caroline Mulroney, who is Ben's eldest sibling is currently serving as the Ontario Minister of Transportation and Minister of Francophone Affairs.
As for his father Brian, after serving as the Canadian Prime Minister, he went on to become an international business consultant, and remained a partner with law firm Norton Rose.
He is also currently sitting on a multitude of corporate boards as a director - none all that surprising given his former top job.
Ben was well known as a integral part of Canada's former first family while his dad, Brian Mulroney remained Prime Minister. (Getty)

What does Ben Mulroney do?

While his wife was perhaps more prominent in the media landscape over the years, Ben has also worked his way onscreen over the years.
After studying an arts degree at Duke University, and later a law degree at Quebec's Université Laval, Ben became the host of entertainment news program, etalk, which covered off all things in the entertainment industry, including Awards season insights, the movements of Canadaian and other international A-list celebs and more.
But perhaps one of his most familiar claims to fame was becoming host of Canadian Idol (back when the singing show was actually a thing).
He later joined ABC News as a contributor to Good Morning America - and yes, that's precisely the show Jessica also joined as a regular commentator on all things style... before being dropped by the network following her racism scandal in 2020.

Ben Mulroney today

In 2020, Ben remains a host of etalk and also Canadian breakfast show Your Morning. He is very active on Twitter, often sharing his segments and insights on the social platform.
In April, he shared a series of images from behind the scenes of the show along with the caption: "Today, I nearly slept through the beginning of @YourMorning and it was revealed I have a stuffie I use as a neck pillow. It has no name, so let's give it a name!"

Jessica and Ben Mulroney's children

Jessica and Ben Muloroney have three children together - twins Brian and John aged nine and Isabel, aged seven.
During Meghan and Harry's royal wedding in May 2018, Jessica's twins shared a starring role, carrying the Duchesses train as she entered St George's chapel.
The Mulroney twins had a starring role in Meghan's wedding back in 2018. (Getty)
Jessica and her daughter are also two peas in a pod.
The stylist often shares candid snaps of the pair doing various things about town on her Instagram account.