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In Olympic spirit, Jessica Mauboy shares an incredible throwback from the 2014 Commonwealth Games

What an epic moment!

By Faye Couros
Japan's 2020 Olympics have been an incredible success for Australia, as we have won 14 gold medals and broken countless sporting records.
The new Voice 2021 judge Jessica Mauboy searched her archives to relive her big moment on Glasgow's 2014 Commonwealth games stage in the spirit of the Olympics.
The singer was invited to the closing ceremony for a flag handover between Glasgow and the Gold Coast, who were set to host the event next in 2018.
In the picture Jessica posted onto her Instagram, the judge is singing on stage, surrounded by athletes holding up flags celebrating "Gold Coast 2018."

Jess looks in high spirits on stage as she belts out what one can assume was a stellar note in a gorgeous pink mini dress.
She captioned the moment with a nostalgic tang by writing, "Have you been tuning into the Olympics? It's given me a big flashback to the Commonwealth Games Flag Handover Ceremony in Glasgow in 2014 to the Gold Coast for 2018! xx #fromthearchives."
Our homegrown talent has always represented our country phenomenally and has come a long way since her shy Australian Idol days in 2006.
Speaking with TV Week, she revealed why she's finally ready to show Australia her real self ahead of her new role on The Voice.
"I think this is probably the most that Australia has ever seen me," said the 31-year-old.
"This is something that's very, very new to me, but also very real."
When asked about The Voice, Jess opened up about her career and how hard she worked to achieve her success on a similar singing show.
"I think this is probably the most that Australia has ever seen me."
"It took me back to when I was 16 and stepping into this beast of a world that was very unknown," Jess reflected.
"I didn't have a coach going through Idol. It was definitely a development stage for me, and I remember working really hard."
Now that it's her turn to nurture talent, Jess spilled on how grateful she is to support hopeful singers.
"The beauty of becoming a coach is also becoming a teacher, leader and a friend," she said.
The Voice starts 7pm on Sunday, 8 August. Instagram
"I look at The Voice and think, 'Wow, what a beautiful team and incredible support network.' I want to be that because I didn't get that when I was on a show like this."
The Voice airs on Sunday night after the Olympics.