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"It was so awkward!" Jessica Mauboy kiss and tells about those Secret Daughter scenes!

Jess exclusively talks to OK! about acting, love and locking lips on screen!

By OK! team
Singer/songwriter and Aussie sweetheart Jessica Mauboy is on a whole new adventure.
In her latest project – the second season of The Secret Daughter – Jess reckons that when it comes to kissing scenes, the struggle is real!
Her character Billie Carter is scripted for a pash with her co-star James Sweeny and according to Jess, “It was so awkward. I think I made it even weirder because I just didn’t know the form or the process.”
Jeez, sounds as awkward as your first kiss… with an audience! Cringe!
But hey, it could’ve been worse... Imagine if her partner was on set watching those scenes.
“He couldn’t [watch]!” says Jess emphatically. “I just couldn’t do that. But the cast do love him, and have taken him under their wing.”
Jessica’s cast mates – including Home and Away’s Bonnie Sveen – are all hoping their new hit drama will score a third season.
In which case, Jess better start practicing that smooch!
Jess' boyfriend Themeli Magripilis could not be more supportive of her acting, even if it means helping her practice for kissing scenes!
Although Jess is less than confident in her pashing abilities, we think she has this in the bag.
Afterall, she maintained a long-distance relationship with partner-of-nine-years Themeli Magripilis - Jess can pretty much survive anything!
Jess says her long-time love actually helped her prep for her kissing scenes.
“I sat down with him the night before the scene and asked if we could role play,” she tells OK!.
So we did this thing where I was like, ‘Bub, just pretend you don’t know me,’” she laughs. “It really helped.”
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