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Jessica Marais is reunited with her right girl, Scout!

After a hectic few months filming The Wrong Girl in Melbourne, Jess Marais looked overjoyed to be back in Sydney and reunited with her daughter Scout.

By Chloe Lal
And the cheeky four-year-old felt exactly the same, barely able to contain her excitement.
The proud mama treated her little one to a shopping trip at Toys R Us in Sydney recently, where she purchased Scout her very own Barbie Rock microphone.
The mother-daughter duo then headed to their local park where young Scout showed off her natural talent by singing and dancing with her new toy.
A big kiss for mummy!
Scout couldn't wipe the smile of her face as she spent the day with the actress.
Jess has recently been filming The Wrong Girl.
Jess and her ex, James Stewart, welcomed their only child together, back in May 2012.
“It is with much joy and pride that Jessica Marais and James Stewart announce the birth of their baby girl, Scout Edie Stewart,” the pair’s rep said in a statement after Jess gave birth at Sydney’s Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.
Prior to parting ways, James and Jessica couldn’t have been more in love.
A year before they welcomed their first-born, they spoke of their desire to expand their family in an interview with Sunday Night, with Jess quipping, “Jimmy can't wait!"
And James joked, “We need to have at least a couple of boys; if we have a girl that looks like you, they're going to have to have brothers!”
The look of love...
The bond between mum and daughter is undeniable.
"Mummy loves you very much," the silver Logie winner said in front of the nation as she picked up her award earlier this year.
Last May, the Packed to the Rafters couple called off their engagement, just 11 days after Scout’s third birthday.
“Jessica Marais and James Stewart have amicably separated. Their main focus at this time is the co-parenting of their daughter,” a rep explained at the time.
Sources close to the family cited the pair's busy work schedules played a part in their split.
The young family had relocated to America for Jessica’s role in teh US series, Magic City.
At the time, James told TV Week, “We’re moving to America not long after the baby is born - probably three or four weeks. It’s a pretty massive deal, but we have to do it.”
The 40-year-old gave up his acting job on Packed to the Rafters, but maintained the sacrifice was worth it.
Eyes only for you!
A little treat for Jess' sweetie.
Scout is loving her new toy.
"We both desperately wanted our daughter to have a parent around and not be a working couple that had nannies,” he explained to News.com.au.
“We’ve got help but we both wanted to be hands on people and that’s one of the big reasons we’re both still really in love…”
“We’re those kinds of people and it’s really bizarre to find that kind of person," he mused at the time.
Over the years Jess, who suffers from bipolar, has credited James for being her rock.
"My bipolar is actually very manageable. And having a child to pull me out of it has made all the difference in the world," she once admitted to the Australian Women's Weekly.
Watch Jessica wish her daughter a happy birthday during her Logies speech... Article continues!
The four-year-old is the apple of her parents' eye.
Dad James has spoken out, saying he is Scout's main carer.
While they may no longer be together, their main focus is their daughter Scout.
"Once you realise it's about Scout, everything's easy," James explained to Sunday Style.
"Jess and I have nothing to hide. I think dignity is the key. We are both out for each other's best interests."
And Jess echoes her ex’s views on co-parenting.
“In the kind of industry we work in, life is quite changeable,” she quipped to local publication Be.
Jess cherishes her time with her growing girl.
Nothing beats those cuddles!
“My plan is to be as flexible as possible with my plans and to make it work, but definitely to keep co-parenting and keep working at that with our daughter Scout, that’s probably the most important thing.”
That idea of balance is something the 31-year-old brings to her new role on The Wrong Girl.
"Trying to balance your life and trying to figure out who you are in the world resonates with me deeply. I'm just trying to cut life into bite-sized pieces and go back to having a little bit more time for motherhood," she told TV Week.
Scout’s a chip off the old block looking like both mum and dad!
"Mum, it's not working!"
A cuddle fixes everything!
"Lily's a 30-year-old girl trying to forge a career in a breakfast TV show, trying to manage a chaotic personal life and chaotic work life," she added of her new role.
At the moment, James is the full-time parent for the couple’s daughter.
“I am the full-time carer for Scout as Jess is busy working and travelling a lot,” he explained to Daily Life.
“When Jess is back, Scout is shared 50/50,” the 40-year-old actor explained.
Looks like little Scout wants to follow in her mummy's performing footsteps! Watch Jess in her new big role in the player below! Post continues after video...
Jessica has since admitted she is striving to be a “better mother and a better person” during a sit down chat with Elle Australia.
Looking at the new snaps of mother and daughter reunited, it’s clear to see the pair couldn’t be happier to be together again.
And one thing is certain, Scout is a very loved little girl.
Earlier in the year, the exes put aside their differences and came together for their princess’ fourth birthday.
James and Jessica's sole focus is their daughter, reuniting to celebrate her fourth birthday.
“Happy Birthday my sweet little Scout… you are all my reasons. Love Dad,” James penned alongside a picture of the celebrations on Instagram.
Wanting nothing but the best for her little girl, Jess shared with the Daily Telegraph her hopes for the four-year-old.
“I just want my daughter to grow up knowing she’s supported, she’s beautiful and that beauty is not just an external thing!”
“I think being one’s true self is beautiful.”
Looks like someone is getting bored!
What a fantastic girls' day out!
The Love Child star also has spoken of her daughter’s personality.
“Scout is very affectionate, very intuitive and displays amazing compassion for a toddler."
"If I’m ever having a hard day, she runs up and grabs my face in her two little hands. She can make everything peaceful and Zen with one simple gesture.”
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