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Jess Rowe speaks out after being caught in a horrifying car fire with daughter Allegra

''Thank you to the thoughtful, fast thinking and kind school bus driver.''

By Maddison Hockey
Journalist Jess Rowe found herself in a terrifying and life-threatening situation yesterday when she and her daughter, Allegra, were caught in a car accident.
Jess' car caught fire in Sydney's Rose Bay while picking up her daughter from school.
Luckily both Jess and her daughter were unharmed and managed to escape the situation safely, with a little assistance.
The mother-of-two opened up about the horrifying ordeal via Instagram last night praising the acts of a good Samaritan who came to her aid.
Jess shared a picture with Allegra, safe and sound. (Instagram)
"Thank you to the thoughtful, fast thinking and kind school bus driver Mev who got us out of the car, called the fire brigade, cleared the road and then stayed to drive us home," Jess wrote alongside a photo of herself holding her daughter understandably tight.
She then went on to add: "Thank you to the police & paramedics who are angels. And the tow truck driver! And the mums & dads who stopped to help. We love you."
Jess' husband and Channel Nine news presenter, Peter Overton, was preparing to go on air when he received the distressing call from his daughter.
Jess and Peter have been married 17 years. (Instagram)
"Everyone at work could see that I was absolutely traumatised when I saw my 14-year-old on FaceTime absolutely inconsolable,' he told 2GB Radio.
"I saw in the background the car ablaze.
"Fire and rescue, ambulance and police were there. They're all OK and they're home now. There was a real fear that the car could've exploded.
"I want to point out, there's a lot of heroes we've been talking about in the floods and I salute them but I salute that bloke this afternoon who got Allegra and Jessica out and alerted them that smoke was coming out and that they had to get out of the car."

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