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Jennifer Aniston wants Justin Theroux to stop "humiliating" her after divorce announcement

The exes got into a particularly nasty fight recently.

In the statement they released when they announced their split in February, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux told the world they "look forward to continuing our cherished friendship." So much for that. "Their split has become far from amicable," a source exclusively told Life & Style.
"Jen confronted Justin and lit into him," says the source. "She keeps seeing him out with young models and actresses and she told him, 'Stop humiliating me!'".
In recent weeks, Justin, 46, has been out with a slew of women, including Selena Gomez, 25, model Erika Cardenas, 25, photographer Petra Collins, 25, and actresses Emma Stone, 29, and Aubrey Plaza, 33.
"She told him, 'Stop humiliating me!'".
Jen, 49, "feels like he's traded her in for a bunch of newer models," the source says. "She considers it the ultimate insult." And it's not just the ages of the women that bother Jen. It's also how quickly Justin sprang into action after their seven-year relationship ended.
"Jen believes they both should have laid low for the first few months and given their relationship a bit of a mourning period," the source says. "Instead, Justin's been acting like a man who was just let out of prison. Jen feels betrayed."
This story was originally published on our sister site Life and Style Magazine.