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Jeanne Little: I'm not dying daahlings!

Despite rumours Jeanne Little is “in very bad health”, GLEN WILLIAMS is told the star is still as over the top as ever.
She’s still mad, vivacious and able to peel paint with that voice when screeching a heartfelt “Daahling”.
Despite reports claiming veteran entertainer Jeanne Little is in “very bad health”, family and friends claim this is far from the truth.
They joined Jeanne’s husband, acclaimed interior designer Barry, in dismissing claims the TV and stage star is in the throes of Alzheimer’s.
“She’s not frail, far from it,” laughs one of Jeanne’s closest friends. “Those reports are grossly exaggerated. For as long as I’ve known Jeanne, and that’s close to 30 years, she’s always had memory issues – why do you think she calls everybody Daahling? She’s hopeless at names.”
According to friends, Jeanne still has all the magic that made us first fall in love with her back in the mid-’70s when she captivated us on The Mike Walsh Show.
Only last year she trotted out some of her headline-grabbing fashion creations to help Woman’s Day celebrate its 60th birthday.
The close friend says he accompanied Jeanne to the Sydney opening night of Wicked in September, where she was a fun presence among the crowd. “She was there, looking fabulous in one of her out-there gowns. We went backstage and mixed it up with the cast, and she even filmed a promo for the show where she said, ‘Daahling, this is truly a Wicked evening.”

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