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EXCLUSIVE: Jason Dohring doesn't blame Veronica Mars creators for THAT shock end to his character

It was years in the making!

By Anita Lyons
SPOILER ALERT: Do not proceed if you still haven't seen Season 4 of Veronica Mars!
If you're a fan of the cult TV show phenomenon Veronica Mars, then you're sure to have seen that huge and devastating end to one of its most popular characters, Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring).
And while the most recent season aired a few months ago, fans are still reeling over Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell) losing her husband of less than 24 hours to a bomb blast.
In an interview with Now to Love while in Australia for OZ Comic Con, Jason Dohring revealed that not only was his character's untimely death a result of years of planning, but the response to it was far greater than he, or the entire cast and crew, could have ever imagined.
"You know, when Rob initially talked to me, maybe like a month or two before before we started shooting, and he was sort of laying out the scripts and stuff like that, he mentioned the whole storyline to me," he said, referring to the show's creator, Rob Thomas.
"And It's funny when you get to watch it back like nine months later, and you see the final result, but it was, you know, years in the making."
But it was his reasoning behind the shock exit, that even die-hard fans of "LoVe" would have trouble not agreeing with - Veronica Mars was all grown-up.
"He sort of felt that Veronica does best when she's the underdog," he revealed. "And sort of putting her in that position with this new determination and kind of like, taking all the sort of high school drama elements out of it.
"And I think that by explaining that to me, I really kind of understood as I took a more objective view of it."
Jason Dohring and Kristen Bell in Veronica Mars. (Source: Hulu)
Playing Logan was the first "huge role" that Jason had ever had and so it was really something that he "dunked his whole soul into".
"I think that was kind of the hard part about it," he admitted. "You know, how that all turned out. But at the same time, I think it was so cool to be part of something that meant so much to so many people."
In fact, not only has the cult classic transcended over two decades, but fans of the show are following in the footsteps of the characters.
"I've talked to many journalists who became journalists from watching Veronica Mars, and now they're covering the show that got them into their profession in the first place," he said.
"And it really helps teens through high school because Veronica was sort of like this fighter for freedom and the underdog and righteousness and stuff.
"And I think that that's so awesome to be part of something that actually means something to people, and to be able to sort of share that over a 20 year period, or whatever is pretty, pretty special.
"I don't think I'll get another opportunity like that and I'm just super pleased to be a part of it."
Jason Dohring sporting some serious highlights in Season One of Veronica Mars. (Source: UPN)
So, is Logan officially gone for good?
"He [Rob Thomas] has a certain idea of where he wants to take the show now and if I can help him in any way, I'd obviously be a part of that, you know."
So, for the meantime it's a definite sayonara to the bad boy of the 09er - the troubled teen turned army officer, who's frosted tips in season one, we shall never forget.
"Oh gosh, that was probably my bad decision," Jason said of that hair. "It was back in the 90s and the days of dyed hair and that sort of thing, so forgive me for that! It worked for the surfer type situation, and the wardrobe guys helped with the shell necklaces and stuff like that, but that aspect of it was sadly all me."