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A refreshing reminder that Jasmine Yarbrough is one of us (sort of)

You know, except for the extravagant nighttime routine, international career in fashion and $120,000 engagement ring, she's practically family!

By Holly Royce
All eyes have been on Karl Stefanovic's future bride, model and fashion designer Jasmine Yarborough, 34, since the pair first met in a chance encounter on a luxury cruise in 2016.
Notably, this meeting occurred only five months after The Today Show host's separation from his wife-of-21-years Cass Thorburn, a circumstance not quickly forgotten by the Australian public.
Since then, the Karl and Jasmine love story has seen them get engaged a year after taking their relationship public, vow to be together forever in a private commitment ceremony, plus attend countless events by each other's sides.
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The gorgeous model has been living in Los Angeles for the past several years where she is working hard as co-creator of shoe brand Mara & Mine - in fact, the whole situation seems well, as entirely unrelatable as Jasmine herself.
That is until Jasmine opens her mouth and reminds us all that she's still a girl from Down Under, which is exactly what she's done sharing her nighttime routine on Byrdie Australia's social media pages.
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"Hi. I'm Jasmine Yarbrough, one of the co-founders of Mara & Mine and I'm here to take you through my nighttime routine," The girl from Brisbane says in an introduction to her beauty segment in a delightfully thick Aussie accent.
Her six step nighttime routine involves products Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex ($105) and ProCeramide Cleanser by Rationale ($92).
Oh, and we also noticed Jasmine's engagement ring, which reportedly cost around $120,000, staring in the social media clips.
Well, maybe not that relatable but definitely a refreshing reminder that Jasmine is still one of us.
Onya, Jazz.

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