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Jasmine and Karl Stefanovic shared a beautiful, quiet moment with their daughter just before Sydney's lockdown began

They swapped city life for some horses and tractors.

By Faye Couros
For some, it was a race against the clock to find some time to enjoy life outside of the home before Sydney's lockdown officially kicked in.
Some people chose to enjoy their favourite restaurants, bars or they took a trip to the shops for some last-minute retail therapy.
Karl and Jasmine Stefanovic had opted for something a little more wholesome with less city bustle and panic.
The doting parents took their daughter, Harper, along with friends, to the countryside for some relaxing times surrounded by animals and nature before the Covid restrictions settled in.
Harper getting ready for her adventure. Instagram
With Karl in the driver's seat, their journey began on a tractor that they rode to some stables, and it seems the TV presenter took to the job quite well, as Jasmine, Harper and her friend Vanessa and her son wooed Karl on.
Jasmine shared the jovial moment on her Instagram stories.
The proud mother and wife posted a video of Karl introducing Harper to a horse, and they both look calm and in awe of the creature.
Jasmine captioned the video, "Country life before lockdown."
Watch Jasmine and Karl's farm adventure in the video below.
On the same day, Jasmine excitedly shared a picture of Harper riding a pony for the first time, as her father looked on to keep a close eye on her.
Harper shared her pony ride with model Carlie Philby's son, and both kids looked as excited as one would expect.
While the animals kept the kids entertained, the adults enjoyed some freshly baked pies, which looked golden and delectable.
The Stefanovic family are lucky to have managed to fit in some travels before this shock lockdown.
The week before, they went on a double date holiday with Karl's Today show co-host Ally Langdon and her husband Michael Willessee to New Zealand.
Karl and Ally proving their friendship is the real deal in New Zealand. Instagram
The couples took full advantage of the Covid Travel Bubble by visiting glasshouses, eating great food, and taking in the scenery.
Jasmine uploaded a picture of the foursome on her Instagram dining at Amisfield Restaurant.
Everyone looked relaxed and cosy, with their wine glasses respectably filled.
"Wine & Dine 🍷❤️ @amisfieldrestaurant," wrote Jasmine.

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