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Janet Jackson "felt like a prisoner" while married to Wissam Al Mana

Details of their rocky relations are starting to spill through... And it sounds heart-wrenching.

By Chloe Lal
Janet Jackson has made a triumphant return to the stage with her State of the World show... And a triumphant return to her former, happier self.
Watch Janet Jackson return to the stage following news of her divorce in the video player above!
In May, the 51-year-old announced she and her husband Wissam Al Mana were ending their five-year marriage.
The couple's split came just four months after they welcomed their little boy Eissa.
At the time the singer, confirmed that she and the Qatari-native had indeed called time on their relationship, recording a video, she shared with her fans, "I just want to keep it real for you guys for a second — yes I separated from my husband."
"We are in court and the rest is in God’s hands."
Janet and Wissam married in 2012.
Following the shock separation, news started to trickle revealing Michael Jackson's little sister had been unhappy for sometime.
“She thought he had become too controlling during the pregnancy and she had already allowed him to dictate her appearance and even the way she performed at concerts,” a source, who works closely with the couple, told Page Six.
Now new details have emerged, detailing how Janet felt like a "prisoner" while she was with the billionaire.
Wissam is said to have wanted "a traditional wife who stuck with Muslim traditions," one source told Us Weekly
"Janet felt like she couldn’t be herself anymore."
"The restrictions flowed into her career as well. Though she canceled her Unbreakable world tour in April 2016 to focus on her pregnancy."
"Janet felt like her music was suffering and she resented Wissam," the insider continued, adding, "She couldn’t settle down and be what he wanted."
The mum-of-one decided it was enough, "She put her foot down and said no."
"Janet wanted to get her life back."

While the music legend hasn't publically divulged the details surrounding the demise of her marriage, Janet's brother Randy Jackson spoke to People, reiterating the allegations of abuse his sister suffered.
"There’s a lot of pain," he told the publication.
"Janet’s been through a lot with her divorce … It was quite an abusive situation. It came on later in the relationship, verbal abuse and being [made to feel like] a prisoner in her own home."
"No pregnant woman needs to go through being called a b---- every day. There were things like that. That’s what she went through."
Janet allegedly had to change her look and her way of life to appease her partner...
But now she's back.
Following his interview, Wissam's attorney issued a statement, which read, "Mr. Al Mana is not going to dignify these particular and deeply hurtful allegations with a response."
"The breakdown of his marriage to Janet Jackson is a cause of great sadness to Mr. Al Mana, and it is the wellbeing and privacy of their son, Eissa, that remains his sole focus."
For Janet's part, it looks like she's rebuilding the broken pieces.
The 51-year-old was recently spotted at the W Austin Records Room following her Austin show on September 10.
Onlookers said the songstress, joined by her dancers and tour crew, looked completely "at ease" as she sipped red wine and snacked on sliders and butter-free truffle popcorn.
Sources say Janet is ready to begin her next chapter.
There has been speculation that Janet is rekindling her romance with Jermaine Dupri.
According to witnesses chatting to E!, the singer, who dated the producer for seven years, is leaning on her former love during this difficult time.
"Jermaine and Janet have remained friends through all these years and never lost touch. They had a period when they broke up and didn't talk for a bit but overcame that and found friendship again," an insider shared.
"Jermaine has a crazy love for Janet and they have been speaking more since the breakup. Janet and Jermaine trust each other and they have history."
Hip hop's power couple Janet and Jermaine back in 2001.
But for now, Janet has no desire to date.
A friend of the single mum explained, "Janet is really not in a position to get involved with someone at this time."
"She is open though for something more down the line."
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