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Jane Fonda and Helen Mirren are the Best Everything at the Oscars

90 years and Academy call upon their brightest jewels!

By Chloe Lal
The Academy Awards have gone straight to Hollywood's biggest living legends to present the Oscar for Best Actor.
Jane Fonda, 80, and Dame Helen Mirren, 72, took to the 2018 Oscars stage...
And everyone lost the plot!
While their role was to award Gary Oldman with an Oscar for his portrayal of Winston Churchill in the Darkest Hour, Twitter was abuzz with the delightful duo.
One fan voiced many of our thoughts on age in Hollywood, confessing, "Great to see two wonderful actresses presenting #BestActor!"
Get it ladies!
Girl power at its finest!
The women - who between them have over half a century acting experience - decided to send a message to the Hollywood heads that are in power.
Stepping out onto the stage, Helen began, "Jane and I very honoured to have been asked to present on Oscar's 90th birthday!"
Jane interjected, "Especially when we found out he's older than we are."
Not missing a beat, Helen quipped, "Isn't that the point? I mean that's an anomaly here in Hollywood. Having an older man with a younger woman."
"From the 1960s to the present we've experienced so many changes in politics , fashion, film, science and technology. And now between women and men!"
Taking a moment, she added, "In public and in private."
"Like all of you, we've embraced and fought some of those changes."
Jane took over, telling the audience, "What was once considered ground-breaking is now considered the norm."
"But there is one constant – a constant that unites us."
"We have been and always will be mesmerised by a great performance!"
The starlets sure know how to add a bit of sparkle to the Oscars.
So how does Gary Oldman follow that?
The Brit did surprisingly well, thanking his loved ones for all the support over the years.
The highlight had to be his shout out to his 91-year-old mother.
"Put the kettle on, I'm bringing home Oscar!"