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Jane Fonda at 77: "I've always had a good bum"

On the latest cover of W, Jane Fonda discusses fame, fashion icons, and her favourite body part.

Whenever Jane Fonda steps out – either on a red carpet or in the pages of a magazine – we’re always amazed.
Every time, she looks amazing – and years younger than her age.
And her latest appearance is no different.
Photographed on the cover of W magazine, the 77-year-old (no, not a typo) discussed fame, fashion icons, and her favourite body part – her bum.
“I suppose I’ve always known what I like on my body,” she told W, “I took one look at that Balmain jumpsuit [from the 2015 Grammy Awards], and I said, ‘That’s it!’ I’m best when I’m wearing something structured, with no frills or bows. Something that will show my waist and bum, because I’ve always had a good bum.”
We totally agree.
Jane Fonda in Balmain at the 2015 Grammy awards.
The actress and Nine to Five star also sounded off on her budding relationship with the fashion world, which, she says, developed fairly recently.
“Truthfully, my relationship to fashion has always been strained,” said Jane, “When I was starting out as an actress in New York, I worked as a model because I needed to pay for acting classes. But I didn’t have what it took to be a model. I hated all the emphasis on how I looked, and I never paid much attention to clothes.”
And she remained that way for much of her career, right up until her first major fashion moment at the 2000 Academy Awards.
Fonda stepped out onto the red carpet in a couture Vera Wang champagne gown and knew right away that the fashion tables had turned.
Jane at the 2000 Academy Awards in Vera Wang.
“When I stepped out to present the award in my strapless satin dress and new haircut, there was an audible gasp. I thought: ‘Oh. Oh, this is new’,” said Fonda, “I was so melancholy over Ted [Turner], and I realized in that moment that clothes mattered. They could change your mood in an instant. And I thought, I could do this.”
And do this, she did.
Since that fateful 2000 Oscars appearance, Jane hasn’t slowed down at all. Every appearance she makes and cover she graces she receives praise and world-wide attention – and rightfully so.
She’s a fashion icon, even if she doesn’t think so.
Jane in W.
“I think it’s a hoot that, at my age, people are calling me a fashion icon,” said Jane, “I realized I didn’t have a lot of time left, and I wanted to pay more attention. I had a vision: I wanted to give a cultural face to older women.”
Job well done, Jane, job well done.

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