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Jamie Lee Curtis: Can you believe she is 51?

As she turns heads on the red carpet, the actress lashes out against plastic surgery.
Hollywood stalwart Jamie Lee Curtis is leading the charge for growing old gracefully, striking out against the celebrity trend for cosmetic enhancement.
The 51-year-old actress, who looks amazing with her cropped grey hair, stunning figure and toned pins, has become an outspoken advocate for natural beauty, saying too many celebrities have gone too far with surgery.
“There are people who, when you see them on the screen, there’s an audible gasp of ‘Oh my God’,” says Jamie, who looked dazzling on the red carpet last week as she promoted her new movie You Again. “They look terrible – or they have done something to themselves and now they look like freaks.”
Never one to shy away from controversy – she posed without make-up for an unairbrushed cover of US More magazine in 2002 – Jamie has embraced her mature-age status with gusto, slamming cosmetic surgery as a Hollywood conspiracy against older women.
“Everyone is saying that to get jobs you have to dye your hair and get injectables. It’s a conspiracy, a complete catastrophe, a surgical industrial complex,” she fumes.
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