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“Hold on baby”: Jamie Durie’s nail-biting baby countdown from hotel quarantine

Only 48 hours to go!

By Maddison Leach
Jamie Durie is just 48 hours away from reuniting with his heavily pregnant fiancée after a two-week stint in Sydney hotel quarantine.
Taking to Instagram on Friday, the House Rules host had a special message for his unborn child with Ameka Jane.
Posting a close-up photo of her pregnant belly, with one of their pooches resting their head on Ameka's bump, Jamie urged the baby to "hold on".
"Holding Court 🤎 Hold on baby.. home in 48 hours ❤️ #quarantine #life," the caption read.

Ameka is more than 37 weeks into her pregnancy and is due "very soon", according to an Instagram comment Jamie posted in June.
But with Jamie stuck in hotel quarantine for the last two weeks, some fans worried the couple's child would arrive before he could get home to the model.
He was required to undergo mandatory quarantine after returning from the US in mid-June, where he had been filming for US television network HGTV.
Jamie may have been filming in Nashville, Tennessee, but his heart was back here in Australia with pregnant Ameka.
During his time away, the 51-year-old posted several tributes to his wife-to-be, showering her with love from afar.
The couple announced their engagement in February and followed it up with news they were expecting in May.
Jamie returned to Australia on June 20 to be with Ameka during her final weeks of pregnancy, but was unable to reunite with her right away.
Forced into hotel quarantine for two weeks, Jamie still found a way to have a "date" with the 36-year-old – even if it was from tens of stories above her.
On June 23 he revealed on his Instagram Stories that Ameka had travelled to his hotel and stood outside to FaceTime him.
The date may have been a little out of the ordinary, but if Jamie's loved-up Instagram posts were anything to go by, he was thrilled.
Ameka is due any time now, and this will be her first child. Jamie has an adult daughter, 26-year-old Taylor Durie, from a previous relationship.