Rafters romance: James Stewart and Jessica Marais' ill-fated love story in pictures

It wasn't meant to be, but we'll always have the memories.

By Alex Lilly
Cast your minds back to 2009 - Kevin Rudd was the PM, Guy Sebastian was flying high in the charts and Packed To The Rafters was a ratings hit.
This was also the year that two cast members of the latter TV show found love on set and went on to become an Aussie power couple. We are of course referring to Jessica Marais and James Stewart.
Jessica, who played Rachel Rafter on the show, and James who played her love interest and tradie Jake Barton, became an item after falling in love on set and in October 2010, they delighted fans when they announced their engagement.
The couple then went on to welcome their daughter Scout Edie Stewart in May 2012 but after she came into the world, the family-of-three relocated to LA so Jessica could try to crack Hollywood.
While Jessica went on to land a role in crime series Magic City, James revealed that he'd taken on full-time parenting duties.
"We both desperately wanted our daughter to have a parent around and not be a working couple that had nannies," James told news.com.au at the time.
"We've got help but we both wanted to be hands on people and that's one of the big reasons we're both still really in love… We're those kinds of people and it's really bizarre to find that kind of person."
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Jessica also expressed how grateful she was to have James by her side.
"I'm very lucky to have a partner that supports me," she once told The Australian Women's Weekly.
But alas, things were not meant to be as the couple released a joint statement that they had "amicably separated" in 2015.
"Our relationship didn't work out because I think hearts go in different directions eventually," James wrote in a column for Sunday Life.
James has since married his Home and Away co-star Sarah Roberts and Jessica has been linked to on-off boyfriend Jake Holly since 2018.
James and Jess were one of our ultimate Aussie poster couples and as we countdown to the upcoming Rafters reboot, Back To The Rafters, which neither will sadly star in, let's take a walk down memory lane and relive their love story in pictures.
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