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Jaden and Willow Smith's weird, weird interview

Jaden and Willow Smith – the celebrity spawn of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith gave a joint interview to The New York Times that raised eyebrows around the world.
Speaking with the New York Times’ T magazine, Jaden, 19 and Willow, 14, were apparently meant to be promoting Jaden’s new album Cool Tapes Vol. 2, but instead talked about all manner of bizarre things…often not making much sense at all!
So much for raising grounded, down-to-earth kids in Hollywood!
Here are some of the juiciest and most bizarre highlights from the interview:
On books that they’re reading:
WILLOW: “Quantum physics, Osho.”
JADEN: “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life and ancient texts; things that can’t be pre-dated.”
WILLOW: “There are no novels that I like to read, so I write my own novels, and then I read them again, and it’s the best thing.”
On the movement of time:
WILLOW: “I mean, time for me, I can make it go slow or fast, however I please, and that's how I know it doesn't exist.”
JADEN: “It's proven that how time moves for you depends on where you are in the universe. It's relative to beings and other places. But on the level of being here on earth, if you are aware in a moment, one second can last a year. And if you are unaware, your whole childhood, your whole life can pass by in six seconds. But it's also such a thing that you can get lost in.”
WILLOW: “Because living.”
On their music:
WILLOW: “And the feeling of being like, this is a fragment of a holographic reality that a higher consciousness made.”
On being babies, and growing up:
JADEN: “When babies are born, their soft spots bump: It has, like, a heartbeat in it. That's because energy is coming through their body, up and down.”
WILLOW: When they’re in the stomach, [babies are] so aware, putting all their bones together, putting all their ligaments together. But they’re shocked by this harsh world … As they grow up, they start losing.”
On the duality of the mind:
JADEN: “When you’re thinking about something happy, you’re thinking about something sad. When you think about an apple, you also think about the opposite of an apple”.
It’s not the first time that the teens have come out with some rather odd statements. Jaden’s Twitter account has a huge following for the rather bizarre messages he tweets that some call deep and wise, while others call it just nuts.
There were also rumours circulating that the Smith kids are part of a Youth Cult sweeping Hollywood who’s fellow fans include Kylie and Kendall Jenner and former Hannah Montana star Moises Arias. Known as the “Osho” movement, believers follow the teachings of a highly controversial cult leader Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.
As Willow said in the NY Times interview, she is currently reading Osho literature.
While those reports are unverified, Jaden and Willow’s bizarre quotes do seemingly have a strong pseudo-spiritual influence. Their parents Jada and Will are Scientologists themselves. At the rate these two are going though, they could very well found their own alternative movement any time soon!
As to what they’ll think of everyone’s reaction to their rather kooky statements? Jaden probably puts it best when he said: “We both don't really care."

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