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Prolific author Jackie French delivers the fifth exciting instalment in the popular Matilda series

The heartbreaking book we haven’t been able to put down.

She’s penned over 170 books and won countless literary awards, but Jackie French isn’t ready to call time on her illustrious 25-year career just yet.
In her latest offering, If Blood Should Stain the Wattle, the Sydney-born best-selling author takes us on a journey back to 1972 Australia, a time when social idealism had shifted and political scandals were rife.
It’s something French, who was working in Canberra at this time, experienced first-hand and it’s these memories which have been woven into this beautifully crafted tale of intrigue and romance.
Set in the rural community of Gibber's Creek when an idealistic Labor Government had just come into power and Australians were feeling hopeful, the story follows the town’s folk and how they were affected by these tumultuous political events; actual events which are still being debated to this day.
For those who are fans of the Matilda series, Scarlett reappears in this instalment, albeit four years older, and makes some rather interesting friends. Matilda Thompson also makes a return to face her ghosts along with Jed Kelly who must choose between past love, Nicholas, the local Labor member, and Sam from the Halfway to Eternity commune.
Heartwarming, heartbreaking and hard to put down, this is one book you’ll want to add to your summer reading list.
If Blood Should Stain the Wattle by Jackie French, RRP $29.99. Read a free sample of the book right now!
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