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Helen Mirren to take the wheel in Fast and Furious franchise

Everyone thought she was joking but it turns out she’s totally serious!

By Elizabeth Best
Helen Mirren is getting ready to start her engines as it’s confirmed she’s coming along for the next Fast and Furious ride.
Yes, you heard that correctly, the good Dame is following in the footsteps of Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, and Michelle Rodriguez for the new Fast 8 film!
“I want to be making film and theatre, but film is particularly relevant. I like it to be serious,” the 70-year-old actress told Elle magazine, before switching it up and dropping her bombshell.
“Of course, having said that, I’m about to do Fast and Furious 8. But that’s for the fun of it.”
Helen's just cemented her rep as one of the coolest mature actresses in Hollywood.
She continued: “So maybe that’s what I want as well, some fun and some relevant, serious, important movies.”
People didn’t quite know whether to take the Hundred-Foot Journey actress seriously but it turns out she was telling the truth!
No doubt these Fast and Furious fiends are thrilled to have Helen in the driver's seat.
When Helen was asked directly if she was on board for the newest installment in the franchise, she replied with an assured, “Yes I am!”
“I’ve always rather loved driving,” the actress confessed. “I said, ‘I’ll be in it, but only if I’m allowed to drive if I do drive in it.’ But we’ll see. We’ll see how it transpires.”
She may love driving but Helen hates drink driving. Check out the actress giving drink drivers a serve. Post continues.
The Oscar winner hinted in 2015 that she’d love to get behind the wheel in the movie series.
“My great ambition is to be in a Fast and Furious movie. I so want to be a mad driver in a Fast and Furious movie!
Vin Diesel looks pretty excited about the news!
The actress continued: "My claim to fame is I always do my own driving – I was on Top Gear, and I did [my lap] in a very good time.
"I keep putting it out there, and they never ask me. I’ll be in Fast and Furious 8,” she said cheekily.
Looks like producers finally noticed you, Helen!

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