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It’s over! Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift reportedly split

The couple appear to have called it quits after just three months.

By Elizabeth Best
Is it over already?
Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston have reportedly ended their relationship after just three months.
Multiple sources have confirmed the split, according to Us Weekly.
And according to the insider, Tay was the one to call the whole thing off.
Apparently Taylor was the one to pull the plug.
"She was the one to put the brakes on the relationship," a source close to the couple revealed.
"Tom wanted the relationship to be more public than she was comfortable with. Taylor knew the backlash that comes with public displays of affection but Tom didn't listen to her concerns when she brought them up."
And apparently Tom is "embarrassed that the relationship fizzled out." Just one day earlier, reports emerged of trouble in paradise for the picture perfect pair.
There was a lot of he-said, she-said, with sources claiming Taylor didn’t like their relationship being so public, while Tom apparently had trouble with being seen as “eye candy” for the singer.
The Bad Blood singer had reportedly been asked to be Tom's date for the Emmys, but she was hesitant to attend, apparently saying she didn't want to keep her private life private.
Poor Tom has been left broken-hearted.
Throughout their whirlwind romance, which began very shortly after Taylor's split from Calvin Harris, many skeptics speculated that Hiddleswift's union could have been a showmance orchestrated through cunning PRs to help drum up publicity for both of the star's upcoming projects.
Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter in July, Tom denied the allegations.
When quizzed if he was dating the singer for publicity, he responded, “Well, um. How best to put this? That notion is - look, the truth is that Taylor Swift and I are together, and we're very happy.”
“Thanks for asking. That's the truth. It's not a publicity stunt,” he added.
However fans were quick to point out how strange it was that the Thor heavyweight referred to his main squeeze as “Taylor Swift” as opposed to simply “Taylor.”
In a separate interview with MTV News he added of Tay, "We are together and we’re very happy."
They were so loved up so quickly.
Just a day before their reported break-up was revealed, Tom was all smiles when he was surprised by his co-stars Chris Hemsworth and Idris Elba as he filmed a video acceptance speech for the TV Choice Awards, which were in London.
"I'm so sorry I can't be there tonight! I'm in Australia, I'm shooting for [Thor] Ragnarok," Tom said as Chris and Idris jumped in to jokingly take his award.
No doubt Chris and Idris will be a pillar of strength for the British star as he works through the split.

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