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Is this Bill Murray or Tom Hanks? Find out why this hilarious photo has divided the internet

Who knew these two were separated at birth? Check out the viral photo and decide for yourself.

The internet is in disarray over a hilarious photo of either Tom Hanks or Bill Murry holding a crying baby.
In the photo, a man wearing an orange hoodie mimics the sad bub’s face at a golfing tournament in Scotland.
Bill or Tom, is that you? (Pic via/Laura DiMichele-Ross/Reasons My Son Is Crying Facebook page)
And while the not-so-happy snap first surfaced on the Facebook page called Reasons My Son Is Crying back in 2013, it’s recently resurfaced and provoked more debate over the star's true identity.
"Is that Bill Murray? It looks like Tom Hanks," one user questioned.
"Totally thought that was Tom Hanks,” another said.
"What I learned from the comments: When Bill Murray is crying, he starts to look like Tom Hanks," another joked on Facebook.
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Seeing the humour in it, mum Lara joked: "It's already going to be the first picture we show future girlfriends.”
Before confirming it is indeed Bill Murray, “If they don't know who Bill Murray is they're out the door."
"It's totally Bill. I can vouch cause I'm the one in the photo with the massive grin thinking 'oh my god this is going to be an awesome photo!'"
Bill and Tom have never actually starred alongside each other in a film however Tom produced the 2008 flick City of Ember, which Bill starred in.

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