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Is Russell Crowe dating Julie Burgess?

He’s the owner of South Sydney Rabbitohs and she’s the lady who gave birth to four of their most impressive players, so a romance between Russell Crowe and Julie Burgess makes perfect sense!

By Blake Nadilo
When Russell Crowe separated from his wife of nine years, Danielle Spencer, in 2012, nobody was sure if he’d ever truly move on, but it seems his friendship with one woman has allowed his heart to heal.
Concert-goers at Ed Sheeran’s Sydney show on Wednesday night told The Daily Telegraph that Rusty and Julie Burgess, who is the mum of Rabbitoh’s players Sam, George, Tom and Luke, were “canoodling” throughout the flame-haired Brit’s performance.
The duo have been spotted cosying up together on numerous occasions.
The 51-year-old Oscar winner and Julie, 54, reportedly came together for an “embrace and more,” and the Allianz Stadium with sources telling the publication it was “deeply affectionate.”
However this isn’t the first time rumours that the duo may be an item have surfaced, Russell and Julie have been spotted getting very cosy at plenty of events and rugby games.
Julie and her boys Sam, George, Tom and Luke.
And although Julie has previous denied any in intimate relationship with Russell, this latest instance has suggested otherwise.
The twosome first met in 2009 after the actor convinced the mum-of-four to allow her son Sam into his care from their former home in Yorkshire, England to play rugby in Australia.
Since then all four of her boys have played for the South Sydney Rabittohs, which Russell has had a 50% stake in since 2006 – which he has admitted played a part in the demise of his marriage.
In 2007, Julie lost her husband, and the father of her children, to motor neuron disease.

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