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Is Miley Cyrus pregnant?

Rumours are intensifying that the singer and her fiance, Aussie actor Liam Hemsworth, are about to become parents.

The engagement ring is back on, they’ve moved in together (well, kind of), and now word on the street is that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are expecting a baby!
In January, just weeks after it was revealed that Miley and Liam were back together after their engagement breakdown in 2013, American magazine Life & Style reported that a friend claimed Miley was going off her birth control pill.
At the time, Hollywoodlife.com claimed that “Miley has babies on the brain”.
At the time, the reports were dismissed as idle gossip, but now, as more details come to light, it appears the claims are being taken more seriously.
Tum-thing to hide, Miley?
The usually scantily clad singer has been photographed several times in recent days wearing much frumpier clothes.On most occasions, she has been careful to hide her stomach behind bags or loose-fitting jackets.
Australia’s own NW magazine has declared the 23-year-old singer is pregnant with a baby boy and is due in August.
“[Liam] is over the moon. His very own little surfer dude!” says a source. “They feel very blessed. It’s a dream come true.”
The couple was engaged in 2012, split a year later, only to reunite in Australia's Byron Bay over the recent summer holidays.
Either way, the couple’s behaviour since the shock reunion has certainly been interesting.
They’ve sort of moved back in together – Miley purchased a house just metres from Liam’s property in Malibu, California.
There appears to be a private lane connecting the two homes.
Miley has also continued to share images of herself on social media smoking what appears to be marijuana. But eagle-eyed fans were quick to point out to NW that they suspect the shots are old as Miley isn’t wearing her engagement ring, which has been back on her finger for two months.
Whether or not the rumours are true, there’s no denying the pair would make adorable parents.
Miley has long proved her maternal instinct by adopting a menagerie of rescue animals, while 26-year-old Liam is besotted with his brothers Chris and Luke’s children.
“I love my brothers’ kids. It’s funny. As an uncle, you become so protective of them,” Liam – who even lets niece India paint his toenails! - admits.
“When I go away and I shoot something, I constantly want to see photos of them. It’s a beautiful thing.”
Miley with her fur babies.

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