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Is Mariah Carey engaged to Bryan Tanaka?

The original diva Mariah Carey is sending the world very mixed messages about her relationship status.

A few months back all Mimi wanted for Christmas was to get married... and it seems she can still get her dream gift.
The singer has thrown subtly out the window, donning a large ring on her engagement finger.
The 46-year-old was snapped wearing the gem, believed the be the same engagement bling her ex James Packer gave her, during a date night with her back-up dancer beau Bryan Tanaka in New York City on December 16.
Despite the fact James Packer has been checkmated, the queen of pop has still managed to find herself a man to link her and that 35-carat ring to, back-up dancer Bryan.
While the sparkler may be a symbol of one of the most brutal breakups of 2016, the ring itself is pretty special.
Worth over $10 million, it was designed by one of her dear friends, Wilfredo Rosado, and the mum-of-two has made it very clear that she has no plans on giving it back to James.
Indeed, Mimi is no stranger to a whirlwind engagement - famously saying yes to James' proposal after just a few months of dating.
Something to tell us? We see the ring Mimi!
Mariah wasn't performing, but her back-up dancer was right by her side!
It's also been widely reported that the 46-year-old is after an "inconvenience fee" from James, worth $50 million.
Packing up her ex, Mimi is ready to focus on her next chapter.
A source close to the singer told ET, "She's ready to move on."
"Mariah's chemistry with Bryan was subtle, but undeniable," one friend mused.
"It is the way they communicate. They seem so happy in each other's presence. They are on the same page, their laughing and the glances between them."
The timing is certainly impeccable, making for great TV on the starlet's new reality show, Mariah's World.
Bryan, 31, first crossed paths with the singer ten years ago, when he was hired dance in her Adventures of Mimi tour.
"I've always had a thing for Mariah. I love her so much," he admitted earlier this month.
And the feeling is mutual according to the singer's manager Stella Bulochnikov.
"Well, when you're Mariah Carey you're one of the most coveted women in the world so I can't blame Tanaka for having a crush on her," Stella told E! News, before pointing back to the reality show.
"We'll have to wait and see if he puts the moves on her."
But not everyone is convinced that Mariah's new man is the real deal, with many fans labeling their union a fauxmance in an effort to drum up ratings and make James Packer jealous.
The ring isn't going anywhere...
And by the look of things neither is Bryan!

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