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Is actress Margot Robbie engaged to boyfriend Tom Ackerley?

The actress was spotted wearing a massive diamond ring on THAT finger.

By Elizabeth Best
Margot Robbie sure knows how to make an impression!
The starlet looked stunning at the premiere of her new film The Legend of Tarzan, but it was not her outfit that caught the eye of onlookers.
It was the massive diamond ring she was sporting on her engagement finger!
So is she finally getting ready to walk down the aisle with boyfriend (or should we say fiancé...) Tom Ackerley?
The blonde bombshell couldn't stop readjusting the ring.
Whoa! We're blind! Check out that sparkler...
The bubbly blonde seemed very conscious of her massive rock as she walked down the red carpet.
Posing for photo after photo at her film's premiere, she kept playing with her hands, and making sure the ring was in place and in prime position for everyone to see.
"Can everyone see my ring?" Margot makes sure that even when she's standing with her co-star Alexander Skarsgard, that the rock is on display.
At one point the 25-year-old began to play with her hair, and kept her hand at face level, almost as if to shout, “Yes, this is my ring and I’m so happy!”
Onlookers couldn’t stop talking about the dazzling sparkler, sparking rumours that English Tom had finally popped the question.
The pair have been inseparable since 2013.
Is it finally time to announce their happy news to the world?
“He’s the best looking guy in London,” Margot once said of her beau, whom she met in 2003 on a movie set.
And it seems the idea of Tom made Margot want to settle down.
“I was the ultimate single gal,” she confessed to Vogue recently.
Remember that adorable time Margot thought Prince Harry was Ed Sheeran? Relive the hilarious moment in the clip below. Post continues.
She continued, “The idea of relationships made me want to vomit. And then this crept up on me.
“We were friends for so long. I was always in love with him but I thought, ‘Oh, he would never love me back.’”
Looks like you were wrong on that count, Margot!

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