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Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx want to have a baby together

We can't wait for a mini JamKat

By Holly Royce
Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes first sparked romance rumours back in 2013 after being spotted dancing together at Hamptons benefit BUT, a clause in Katie's 2012 divorce contract from Tom Cruise apparently forbid her from going public with a boyfriend for five years.
And so the world waited and watched.
Then,in 2015 the pair are busted holding hands in a recording studio - still, they denied any relationship was taking place.
After being busted at least four more times, the pair were seen on Malibu beach, laughing and splashing in the waves together during a romantic stroll. It would seem Katie's clause was up and the couple could finally make their relationship official. Praise be to Jam Kat!
Late last year fans of Katie Holmes thought there may be a baby on the way.
While that may have been more of an anti climax, a baby bump may not be too far away.
The pair are being seen together in public more frequently and a source confirmed to Life and Style magazine they are both ready to have a baby.
"Jamie and Katie have been talking at great length about having a child together," said one source. "He's crazy about her and thinks they'll have an adorable baby. It's why they feel it's time to go public with their love."
"At 39, Katie can feel her biological clock ticking," notes the source. "She's been telling friends that she doesn't have time to waste!
Katie Holmes with "baby bump".
It would make sense as the pair have been sneaking around for over four years now.
Life & Style also report that Katie is pushing for their relationship to be more public, and nothing screams public like a baby.
"Jamie has been a big part of their life for a while now and aside from the occasional walk on the beach, the pair have kept their private life private," a source told the magazine.
"Katie has made it clear to Jamie that they have nothing to fear and no reason to keep things hush. Katie is proud to be with Jamie and wants to feel free to go out to dinner, the theater, Disneyland with Suri, or anywhere they want together."
While it's all just speculation, can't say we wouldn't love a mini Jam-Kat and we bet Suri would adore a little brother or sister.