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“I proposed in Spanish!” Joe Manganiello on his engagement to Sofia Vergara

In a revealing interview, Hollywood heartthrob Joe Manganiello detailed how he proposed to his fiancée and Columbian goddess Sofia Vergara.

Talking to US hosts Kelly and Michael, the Magic Mike star chatted about his heart-warming proposal to the Modern Family starlet.
“I wasn’t nervous she was gonna say no, I felt pretty confident in that,” he explained, before adding: “But you only get one chance to do it, and if you’re going to do it, you gotta do it right."
He explained: “There was a lot of planning that went in to it and yeah, I proposed in Spanish.”
The well-chiselled actor continued to reveal how the proposal went down: “I had a big speech in Spanish and that’s what I was nervous about.”
Host, Kelly Ripa then pressed Joe to share a piece of his speech, to which he agreed: “Eres mi todo was part of it, which mean you are my everything.”
The romantic proposal happened while the pair were enjoying a holiday in Hawaii.
The couple have also set a date, with Sofia revealing to Ryan Seacrest: “Yeah, we have a date, It was kind of difficult because we're both working, and you never know what's going to come in our work. But we had to stick to it because it was impossible to book a place with short notice.”
We’re not sure if they have a couple name yet, but considering they are our favourite Hollywood pairings they need one – so we’re going with Sofoe.

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