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Packed to the Rafters star Hugh Sheridan gives fans a very unexpected update after testing positive to COVID-19

He's just as baffled as we are.

By Jess Pullar
It was approximately 24 hours ago that we learned one of Australia's most beloved celebs had tested positive to COVID-19.
Hugh Sheridan, the star of iconic TV show Packed to the Rafters, revealed on Instagram that he had contracted the virus after returning to Australia from Los Angeles.
Suffice to say fans were shocked - while many people have contracted the virus, it always hits home again (and perhaps importantly so - keep washing your hands, folks) when a celebrity confirms they too have been affected.
So when Hugh posted on Instagram that he had been "feeling all the varied emotions about my positive Covid test," we felt the emotions with him.
"It's scary, frustrating & lonely," he continued in his post, before adding that surprisingly, none of his friends who took him to LAX airport had tested positive.
"I currently have no symptoms and haven't had this whole time, I am SO LUCKY and I keep reminding myself to count each blessing one by one," he said.
Hugh described feeling scared, frustrated and lonely after getting a positive test result. (Instagram)
But barely 24 hours later, Hugh had another update for fans - one which took him, and frankly every one else by surprise.
Sharing another set of images and a lengthy caption on Instagram on Thursday evening, Hugh wrote: "My latest test shows a NEGATIVE result for Covid, I've been on the phone all night with the RPA Virtual hospital and my night nurse at my Hospital Hotel, it looks very much like it was a false positive on the 28th of August, which makes a lot of sense."
He continued: "The process has been a rollercoaster and it's caused whirlwind of emotions."
Hugh has been sharing some raw and candid images while in isolation. (Instagram)
The actor added that he was overcome with gratitude for all the supportive messages he'd received since telling his fans the news.
"I wanted to share with you as so many people have shown SO MUCH kindness and concern, I am still OK. Thank YOU! Thank you again to the health workers for being so informative Hx," he finished.

His hashtags certainly summed up how he, and many others were feeling, too - #confusingtimes #goodnews #quarantinelife.
The actor's post was met with a plethora of comments from fans and fellows alike who continued to show their support as he continued in isolation.
Aussie actress Rebel Wilson wrote: "Sending you love Hugh! What a journey."
Hugh's Packed to the Rafters co-star Rebecca Gibney also shared a message of relief, telling him: "YAY!! Call you this morning honey."
Another influencer on the social platform, Caroline D'Amore, added: "I've been there. I love you."
Hugh was met with a flood of support in the comments section of his post. (Instagram)
While Hugh's been on quite the 24-hour journey of emotions, his fans are about to be subject to a whirlwind of nostalgia as he and his fellow Rafters co-stars collaborate for a reboot of the show (COVID-19 permitting) at some point in the near future.
Speaking to TV WEEK, Hugh described what he thought the reboot might look like: "I think it would be very much the same feeling."
"Obviously, they sold the house, so it would have to be somewhere else. But I think it would be about what has happened in their lives over the last 10 years and where they are now."

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