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Hugh Jackman's outback adventure

The Wolverine star Hugh Jackman plays tourist in his home country as he shares pictures of his trip to Uluru with fans on social media.

Crikey! Hugh Jackman sure is an Aussie hunk.
The Wolverine star has been playing tourist in his home country as he shares pictures of his trip to the Red Centre with fans on social media.
The 46-year-old posted pictures and videos of his trip to Uluru this week while on a well-deserved break from his promotional tour for his new film Pan where he plays the villainous Blackbeard.
“Waited 46 years for this moment. Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. Awe inspiring!” wrote Hugh under one of his pictures with the large red rock in the background.
Keeping with his holiday’s adventurous theme Hugh helped himself to some local bush tucker and filmed himself chowing down on a Witchitee grub.
"So it’s called Witchitee grub and it’s delicious," Hugh captioned.
In true Aussie style the actor threw out a shaka to show he wasn't fazed by the wriggly delicacy.
Action hero Hugh also went for a spin on some four-wheelers, sharing a selfie in the process.
And once he was done exploring the land he took to the sky to enjoy the sights from above.
“Awesome doesn’t begin to describe one of the most spectacular sights in the World. Mutitjulu,” he captioned on a video he shared.
Hugh's mention of Mutitjulu in Australia's Northern Territory is a nod to the Indigenous Australian community at the eastern end of Uluru.
Earlier this year Hugh lent his star power to a campaign protesting against the West Australian government’s effort to close some Indigenous communities and Tony Abbott’s controversial “lifestyle choice” comments.
In a message posted on Instagram Jackman said: "While living in a remote community I came to understand the 'connection' to land is a fundamental part of Indigenous identity, think about the past, have quality conversations. I SUPPORT YOU."
And in what was a massive career announcement, Hugh revealed in May that he would be retiring the himself as Wolverine with the character's next solo flick in 2017.
“I felt like it was the right time to do it...[I've played Wolverine for] 17 years, I never thought in a million years it would last this long,” he told Dr. Oz.
We are sure no more Wolverine movies means Hugh can spend less time in the gym bulking up for the action character and more time enjoying the company of his lovely wife Deborra-Lee and kids Oscar and Ava.

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