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How stars would look if they weren't famous

What would stars like David Beckham, Tom Cruise and Nicholas Cage look like if they weren't famous?

This is the question a design team asked itself when it looked into how some of the biggest celebrities would look if they weren't famous.
Giving them digital "makeunders", vouchercodespro.co.uk created a grotesque series of images of how stars would look in kind of 'sliding doors' scenario where fame had not found them.
David Beckham looks more like a football hooligan than a sexy soccer sensation without his designer facial hair.
Sharon Osbourne without the plastic surgery and hair stylist looks more like, well, other women of 60 years plus.
Kelly Osbourne
According to the artists, fame has prevented Nicholas Cage from going bald.
Nicholas Cage
But perhaps the most disturbing image is of Tom Cruise, who might not have that terrific smile if it weren't for some stellar dental work.
Tom Cruise

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