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Ada’s sad marriage breakdown: what went wrong?

It seems the Home and Away actress has called time on her marriage after nine years.

Their relationship was touched by tragedy after the couple’s second child Harrison was stillborn after and eight-month pregnancy in 2014, and now Ada Nicodemou and her husband Chrys Xipolitas have called it quits on their almost 10-year marriage.
“It’s definitely over,” says our source, adding that the couple tellingly didn’t celebrate their nine-year anniversary last week.
“Normally it’s something they do every year,” the insider says.
Ada and Chrys' social media is filled with their son Johnas, but no recent pics of each other.
A second independent source confirmed to Woman’s Day that the couple has sadly chosen to end their union.
Rumours of a marital split first surfaced weeks ago when 38-year-old Ada headed off on a P&O Cruise with her mother, leaving behind her restaurateur husband, with whom she shares three-year-old son Johnas.
Ada and her mum took a relaxing holiday together recently.
Meanwhile, the pair has been noticeably absent from one another’s social media pages, and haven’t been spotted out together since early December, when they attended the engagement party of Ada’s former cast-mate Tai Hara and his fiancee Fely Irvine.
It hasn’t been an easy union for Chrys and Ada, who married in February 2007.
Chrys with their three-year-old son.
According to reports, the pair struggled with financial issues after a devastating fire at Chris’ restaurant, along with his well-documented battle with depression and wading through the grief of losing their second son.
In 2010 they separated for two months, with Chrys spending time in a Sydney rehab centre for emotional problems.
At the time, the pair was determined to make their marriage work.
“We were growing apart and needed some space” Chrys said at the time. Ada added, “We both did a lot of things wrong, but we’re working on getting on the same page with our future.
Sadly, despite desperately trying to make it work for the sake of their son, and even attending couples’ counselling together, it seems the cracks in their relationship have become too wide to mend.

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