Home and an Ace: All the photos of Summer Bay's finest getting into the Aussie Open over the years

The Surf Club should start dishing out free tennis lessons.

By Jess Pullar
January offers a plethora of summery possibilities to many of us, but for the residents of Summer Bay, it appears there's only one thing to be done: Watch tennis. And lots of it.
Over the years, the stars of Home And Away have made the trek from Palm Beach to Melbourne to watch the country's biggest tennis tournament take place.
And while the Australian Open itself is a celebrity spotting spectacle, fans of the beloved Aussie soap are usually most thrilled to see the familiar faces of The Bay watching on as games a-plenty take place.
As a result, we've got a whole archive of glorious moments from the tournament featuring the actors we can't help but watch on our telly every night.
While some have merely made the odd cameo here and there, others have proved they've been loyal fans since way back. Heck, one of them even married a tennis player (we're looking at you, Bec...).
So to reminisce on the Aussie spectacle, we've rounded up the best sightings of Summer Bay's finest at the Australian Open.
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