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Life is imitating art for Sam Frost, whose on-screen wedding is influencing her real-life nuptials

“Dave and I are in it together forever”

By Karina Recchi
Sam Frost has been through it all – on and off screen. As Jasmine in Home And Away, she navigated a love triangle between Mason (Orpheus Pledger) and Colby (Tim Franklin), then found love with Robbo (Jake Ryan).
The couple got engaged before he split, abandoning her for six months after discovering she helped hide Tori's (Penny McNamee) pregnancy. But the pair found a way back, and last week Jasmine and Robbo made it down the aisle
"It's pretty amazing," Sam, 30, tells TV WEEK. "People have followed the journey of Jasmine and Robbo – it's been very up and down. Tumultuous is the perfect word for it."
Jamine and Robbo finally tied the knot on Home and Away!
Sam says "it was really fun" being a bride for a day and that she and Jake "had a ball doing it".
"My make-up artist made me feel really beautiful – but we actually had to recreate the look six times!" she admits, explaining that the wedding was shot over "a long period of time".
Like many before her, Sam admits she had a mini Bridezilla moment during the ceremony.
"I was quite bloated; I was like, 'I look pregnant!'" she says, laughing. "I had so much Mexican [before filming] and it was right when we were doing our vows. I was like, 'I feel so disgusting.' But then I thought, 'If people are looking at my bloated tummy, then I'm not doing my job.'"
Sam says filming her wedding scene was "really fun."
Filming something this significant, Sam admits she couldn't help thinking about making a wedding a reality.
Not dissimilar to her on-screen persona, Sam's real-life romances have been rocky. In 2014, Perth-based real estate agent Blake Garvey dropped to one knee and proposed in the finale of The Bachelor Australia, changing his mind and moving on with a runner-up before the finale had even aired.
Sam was then cast as the first ever Australian Bachelorette and found love with Sasha Mielczarek. When that ended in 2016, Sam was crushed, admitting she was in a "very dark place".
These days, Sam is on top of the world, in love with her boyfriend of two years Dave Bashford – the man she'll spend the rest of her life with.
"It's a no-brainer for us," she says of getting married. "Dave and I are in it together forever – it's just inevitable that it's going to happen."
"Dave and I are in it together forever."
While they're in no rush to make it down the aisle, Sam is satisfied that she's found her soulmate and the future father of her children.
"We're going to grow old together, which is sick," she says. "I'm so excited, because he's so fun.
"Sometimes we joke about how weird our kids are going to be. He's so cool – he's a beautiful person."
Having walked down the aisle once before as Jasmine, Sam says she's learnt a lot about what she will and won't do when the time comes.
"The Home And Away wedding is very different to what I would do," she says. "It was nice to have a beautiful church wedding that was quite traditional. But I'm a bit more relaxed, so when Dave and I get married, it's going to be a bit more cruisey."
In fact, Sam says she's considering bucking tradition all together.
"I'm keeping my surname and I'll probably end up walking myself down the aisle," she admits. "I like that it's different.
"Dave is such a good person," she enthuses. "We're so in love."

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