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Rose Byrne remembers Heath Ledger in touching tribute 10 years since his tragic death

The actors starred in their first ever film together and shared a special bond.

By Bettina Tyrrell
This year marks the 10th anniversary of Heath Ledger's tragic passing.
Throughout the year, many of Heath's family and peers have taken moments to remember the great actor and father, and actress Rose Byrne is the most recent to reflect on the talent.
Rose and Heath stared together in the 1999 Aussie drama Two Hands. Taking to Instagram, a platform the actress is relatively new to, Rose posted a throwback photo of herself and Heath on set.

"Twenty years ago! Two Hands! Aussie kids on their first film. My own vintage polyester frock for $18. Just bleached my hair in kitchen sink. Heath trying to be serious. Goofball," Rose captioned the sweet snap.
At the film's release, Rose would have been 19 years old and Heath just 18.
Rose Byrne reflects on her "goofy'" friend Heath Ledger.
The Bad Neighbours actress has previously opened up on her relationship with the beloved Hollywood actor, explaining he played a seminal part in her life.
Speaking to People, Rose said, "He was a goof. He was such a goofy, funny, you know, adorable guy."
She added, "He was incredibly generous. He had a huge heart. He was kind of, actually, really shy."
Rose and Heath acted alongside each other in both of their first ever film, Two Hands.
"We met each other when we were 18. We were kids. [He had a] kinetic energy. He was nonstop. I adored spending time with him," she told the magazine.
Rose added that their friendship was, "a really seminal part of my life".
The Aussie actress is relatively new to social media with her tribute to Heath marking her fourth post.

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