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Harry Potter stars' magic millions

They're worth more than $100 million between them, but the lowdown is that you're more likely to find these three young Harry Potter stars at home on a Saturday night rather than splashing around their enormous wealth.
Daniel Radcliffe, who has been playing Harry since the age of 11, is about to nearly double his fortune after signing to star in two more of the films for a reported $55 million.
But he's rarely seen at parties, his mobile phone is held together with masking tape, and when he does go out he prefers to hang out in "old man pubs". "Money is not what drives me," he says.
Not surprisingly, since he loves being home "watching bad TV in my underpants", Daniel's one vice is real estate — he owns a $14.5 million portfolio, including homes in New York and London.
Co-star Emma Watson says she only learnt of the extent of her wealth last year. Previously she was given a $2500 monthly allowance by her parents. "The truth is I'd just like to pretend that the money doesn't exist," she insists.
Although the Burberry model admits she loves clothes, she rarely buys any and her biggest expenditure is on make-up. "Sometimes my bank manager calls to say, ‘You haven't used your card in a while and now you're using it — no-one's stolen it have they?'" she says.
Red-headed Rupert Grint likes wheels, but instead of buying a Ferrari, he spends his spare time doing up a derelict Mr Whippy van and an old fortune-telling machine with spare parts bought from eBay.
"I don't really handle the money," he says. "I never see any of it on a physical form. It's only in the past couple of years that I've had my own credit cards."

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