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"Has Stefo taught the world nothing?” Hamish Blake has the best response to Stefanovic's Ubergate

The funny men are at it again!

By Holly Royce
Hamish Blake and his comedic partner in crime Andy Lee have a way of making see the lighter side of life, and their reaction to 'Ubergate' is no different.
In a picture posted Hamish's Instagram, the comedians are sitting in the back of a cab together and the 36-year-old has captured a sneaky shot of Andy speaking into his phone.
The father-of-two captioned the photo, "Unbelievable. We're in the back of a cab. Andy is on speaker to his brother. Has Steffo taught the world NOTHING??!!"
Image credit: Instagram
"Who were you on the phone to?"
"My brother Cameron," Andy replies.
"On speaker phone?" Hamish challenges.
"Yes," Andy hesitantly replies.
Hamish then snickers, "I recorded everything!" before yelling, "HAVE YOU LEARNT NOTHING?" as the two funny men both laugh.
You can see the whole clip at the top of this story.
Two people not laughing are Peter and Karl Stefanovic who were in some hot water last week after a "secret phone recording" of Peter and Karl 'bitching' about co-worker Georgie Gardner was shared by an Uber driver.

Tabloid king Peter Ford was the first to share the news in reply to a tweet about Karl's recent nuptials, tweeting on March 11th, "Got a psychic flash he may have another more urgent issue to deal with tomorrow before he tends to that one ..."

Details of Karl and Peter Stefanovic's Uber phone call

The Uber driver claims he didn't illegally record the brother's phone call and there is in fact, no recording.
Instead, he shared his detailed account of the private conversation, which he claims to have overheard while driving Peter and his wife Sylvia Jeffreys home.
The driver alleges Karl complained to Peter about his new Today co-host Georgie, saying she needs to "step up" if she "wanted to stay on the show."
The Nine star also apparently vented that Georgie "didn't have enough opinions" and accused her of "sitting on the fence."
The Uber driver in questions says Karl criticised Georgie for "sitting on the fence."
Karl also took aim at the show's veteran entertainment reporter Richard Wilkins, claiming he "kept all the entertainment contacts close to his chest."
The 43-year-old also said the Nine bosses were "out of touch" and "didn't know anything."
Meanwhile Karl's younger brother Peter, 36, who works for 60 Minutes and Today Weekend, complained that his roles were "sucking the life out of him."
The brothers have since apologised for their words, and Karl suffered through a frosty reunion with his co-host Georgie Gardner.